On Love And Hypochondriac Assholes

Posted in The BF by Sandra on July 31, 2009

On the way to a meeting after a rough start to the morning:

S: My asshole is all sore now!

BF: But I only threatened to fuck your asshole! I didn’t actually fuck your arsehole! You know, I reckon your asshole is a hypochondriac, like that chick from Amelie.

S: What?

BF: The one who’s always sick and complaining*!

S: I’m not!!

BF: Your asshole is like, “OH MY GOD THERE’S A PENIS LOOKING AT ME!!!!! AAAHHHH! Oh shit what am I going to do!? I’m bleeding**!! AHHHHHHH!!!! I’ve been distended*** – oh wait thankgod! It went for the pussy oh fuck that was close such a close shave whew!!”

* – Georgette, played by Isabelle Nanty
** I had a bad tummy ache the previous night
*** See above. /cough.

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Protected: Silence

Posted in The BF by Sandra on July 10, 2009

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The BF’s Away!

Posted in The BF by Sandra on July 3, 2009

Yep, you read it right. For the first time since we got together, he’s the one who’s going away somewhere.

He’s gone to see snow with his dad in some mountain in the grand state of New South Wales. The destination was chosen because, 1. Dad wants to meet somewhere in between and 2. Dad also wanted to see snow before he died.

Today’s Day One, and he’ll be returning sometime (probably late) on Sunday.

It’s really quite inconvenient.

I have to handle the two boys on my own (made worse because it’s been raining and they get muddy every 2 hours). There’s no transport (aka the BF and the BMW). And also because it’s been raining, I can’t just hop on my bike and go off to the local shops. There’s plenty to do around the house but I don’t really want to – who the hell does?

… I think I’ll let Dion sleep in bed with me to “replace” the BF.


Oh I do miss him, I just think I need to grow a back-bone and not moan and groan about how much I miss him and how much I need him. Which for the record, I don’t. There’s a reason why we girls have fingers!

When It All Started

Posted in The BF by Sandra on April 24, 2009

The Group

This is how I met Thrawnmalt – aka, The Murloc. According to the file info, this screenshot was taken on 4 November 2007 at 8.20pm.

It was after a few runs of Zul’farak. I was healing while either Garant or Groundburst was tanking… I think it’s Groundburst.

The guys wanted to use the ingame voice chat, which was pretty bad quality. At that time, I actually thought Groundburst sounded the cutest, and he was also the friendliest. I had the smallest crush on GB – it lasted for a day or two.

Soon after, I found Thrawnmalt stalking me in the Un’Goro Crater… :)

P.S. Anyone notices Thrawnmalt’s weapon, in contrast to how he’s decked out now…?

EDIT: Apparently I need to be more specific regarding Thrawnmalt’s gear: HE’S A HUNTER AND HE’S WIELDING A STAFF.

“But my spells, like Arcane shot etc… they require mana!”

Male Resources

Posted in Conversations, The BF by Sandra on April 23, 2009

A recent (17 April) conversation with the Murloc on males and their never-ending well of resources for their life’s purpose:

Male Resources

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