On Love And Hypochondriac Assholes

Posted in The BF by Sandra on July 31, 2009

On the way to a meeting after a rough start to the morning:

S: My asshole is all sore now!

BF: But I only threatened to fuck your asshole! I didn’t actually fuck your arsehole! You know, I reckon your asshole is a hypochondriac, like that chick from Amelie.

S: What?

BF: The one who’s always sick and complaining*!

S: I’m not!!

BF: Your asshole is like, “OH MY GOD THERE’S A PENIS LOOKING AT ME!!!!! AAAHHHH! Oh shit what am I going to do!? I’m bleeding**!! AHHHHHHH!!!! I’ve been distended*** – oh wait thankgod! It went for the pussy oh fuck that was close such a close shave whew!!”

* – Georgette, played by Isabelle Nanty
** I had a bad tummy ache the previous night
*** See above. /cough.

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Preliminary Musings on Being a Cheapskate

Posted in Thoughts by Sandra on July 29, 2009

For some reason I’ve been wanting to cook rather than eat out, and bake rather than buy from the bakery. Dear friends, fear not that I may be becoming a real hausfrau just because I’ve named my wonderful Miele vacuum Mielo (gee, real leap of imagination there) and am now making an obsession out of collecting food blogs and compiling recipes in a database of sorts.

I’m just trying to be frugal, and apparently it’s quite encouraged in this dreadful economy. After all, if paying less for same item means having to toss out less packaging, why not?

Apart from tracking our household bills in a spreadsheet and keeping track of spending via one of the BF’s iPhone applications, I’ve also gotten it into my head to bake these wonderful little muffins. (I also cooked dinner the other night, but that’s another story.)

I’ve gone prowling through the shelves of supermarkets and through the mazes of online catalogues to find out where I can buy the supplies for baking the cheapest.

Australia has four major supermarkets – Coles, Woolworths Safeway, Aldi, IGA. (IGA isn’t exactly a supermarket, I think, it’s usually a local franchise which is voluntarily part of the association.)

Turns out Aldi is the cheapest, followed by Safeway and IGA in a tie, and finally Coles is the most expensive of the lot.

I would post exact information but I used another recipe to do the price tracking. I’ll edit this entry again after the shopping trip this weekend.

We used to live really close to Safeway (10 minutes’ walk), but now we’re closer to the local IGA (also 10 minutes’ walk). It’s pretty small, but adequate for the need to grab milk or eggs quickly. The bacon master (BF) has also noted that bacon is of better quality from Safeway. It also means that if I want to have a variety of produce to choose from, I need the BF for a quick ride to at least the closest “Supa IGA” which is about 15 minutes away on bike. And I’m notoriously lazy when it comes to going to places for my food.

However, I think it’d be worthwhile if it means we can save up to 40% of our grocery bill if it means going a few minutes further to the cheapest supermarket!

Miele S5211

Posted in Quick by Sandra on July 23, 2009

I got a vacuum cleaner!

It’s the Miele S5211, a bagged vacuum with six levels of suction (and noise levels). I’ve been hankering after a vacuum cleaner for months now (ever since the BF’s Hoover Bagless 2000w died), and did my research. The Miele is $429 RRP, but we got it (after a haggling for 5 seconds) for $311!

I chose a bagged vacuum because suction power is “renewed” after each bag change. Reviews of bagged vacuums consistently praise their amazing suction no matter how old it is, as long as bags are changed when they’re full. On the other hand, bagless vacuums (like Dysons) tend to lose their suction after a few years. It’s a bit of a hit or miss situation, but why take the risk? After all the vacuuming I’ve done (and believe me, there was a lot of … stuff … to be vacuumed, both in the house and the car) my bag isn’t even 1/5 full yet!

This particular model of the Miele didn’t come with a turbo brush, but I thought that’s fine for now. Unlike in our previous residence, this house has only 1 carpeted area – and that’s the bedroom. The rest is all cold, unloving hardwood… and what seems to be laminated vinyl in the kitchen. A bit of elbow grease gets the carpet clean enough!

So far, I’m working on trying to vacuum the boys with it, particularly Dion as he sheds so much more (visibly, too!) than zlinky Zac. I mean slinky. I need to take a video to explain the zlinkiness. But back onto vacuuming them, yeah, I’m failing. I’ve once managed to get the vacuum cleaner right next to Zac while he was on the couch, but then the BF came into the living room and he took the opportunity to get away.

Just you wait, my slinky shedding dogs…

I’ve had a lot of fun with the vacuum. As I told the BF a few days ago, I was actually trying to think up reasons/excuses to vacuum! That’s a really bad crush on a vacuum cleaner… But hopefully, he’ll serve me for years to come.

Smooth like a baby's bottom.

Smooth like a baby's bottom.

Capri Blue - that's the colour.

Capri Blue - that's the colour.

Up close and ... sigh, I need a macro lens :(

Up close and ... sigh, I need a macro lens :(

I think I might name him.. Mielo! And it’s a he because I refuse to stand for the feminine stereotype of doing housework!

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Gunnamatta Beach

Posted in Australia by Sandra on July 20, 2009
Gunamatta Beach

A Cloudy Day at Gunnamatta Beach

We went to Gunnamatta Beach on Sunday. The weather forecast was gloomy – rain was to be expected. Nonetheless, we set off at one in the afternoon, our hopes buoyed by the brightness and clarity of the skies above. It was a 78.1km drive — about 1 hour and 17 minutes, by the Eastlink from home.

On the way there, the boys were very excited… and Zac was visibly upset by the sudden long drive, quite literally. He threw up on the backseat… Thank goodness we had used an old bedsheet to cover the backseat best as we could.

Duckie and the Boys at Gunnamatta Beach

The BF and the Boys

The beach itself was hiding over a high sandy dune which separated the beach from the carpark. The sand was fine, and impossibly clean… I don’t think I saw a shred of trash on the beach. The winds were very strong (as you can see in the picture, my hair’s all over my face… Wish I had taken the time to just tie my hair up!) and the waves did what they did best: crash upon the shore and scare the wits out of the boys. There were a few people around, some with fishing rods stuck upright in the sand with fishing lines cast out.

Gunnamatta Beach

Strike a Pose, Dion!

Gunnamatta Beach

Fishing at Gunnamatta Beach

I got wet up to my knees and just decided to go into the water with one boy at a time and get them to get used to the water. In our excitement, the Boyfriend and I neglected to take pictures of Zac’s first “swim”… Argh!!! The water was freezing – I thought my blood was actually solidifying in my veins as I hopped in and out of the waves.

Then, we got the idea to use their new favourite toy (a blue rubber squeaky ball). Well, the Boyfriend did – he tossed it a good way out to the sea and I shouted at him for a good few minutes before he told me to shut up and relax because the waves will eventually bring the ball back to shore – WELL I DIDN’T KNOW THAT DID I! I grew up in Singapore! Hmph.

Dion was truly a “fail”-dog. When the tide receded, he’d venture close to the ball. Once he was just a step away from being able to stretch enough and get the ball but the wave came in then and he ran like a faildog. He jumped and tried to get away at the faintest hint of the smallest swell in the tide. It was incredible. We can’t believe we raised such a timid dog.

So much for those “big dog” howls.

Zac did far better. The only thing he recoiled from were the salty taste of the sea water for the first time or two, and actual waves that crashed on him. He wasn’t a coward at all, and he was the more “beagly” of the two in this regard – utterly focused on the task at hand.

Gunnamatta Beach

Notice the Fine Sea-spray Over the Swell?

It was a good day. :)

Sleepy Dog: Zac

Sleepy Zac

Sleepy Dog: Dion

Sleepy Dion

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Dear Friends

Posted in Quick by Sandra on July 17, 2009

Please enable RSS for your blogs. Out of the 8 friends whose blogs I read, only 2 of them have RSS/ ATOM feeds

Much love,

Sandra… who is now using an RSS reader.

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