I don’t miss WoW

Posted in Games by Sandra on March 17, 2009

After that last post (“I am a Snob“), I stopped playing WoW. I just stopped.

And much to my unenthusiastic surprise, I don’t miss it at all. I think that me taking a step back and distancing myself from the game helped me realize just how much time I’ve wasted in it. I don’t think I’ll be ever getting so much into a game every again, to fritter my life away trying to get non-important loot and objectives.

However, I have not yet made my quit public to the guild. I estimate that I have about 2 weeks left of gametime. When I was still active, I’ve been recruiting for Honour Guard, and I daresay I’ve bolstered their ranks with a few good players. However, quite a few events happened in the guild and for some reason it’s affected my ability to really enjoy the game, especially my favourite part of it: chatting with friends.

Of late, I’ve been channelling my energies into learning how The Murloc’s business backend software works, and doodling up new ideas for the logo. Discovered how to really use the pen tool in Photoshop, and it has made all the difference – I’m no longer handicapped by my handicapped Wacom tablet (dog obliterated the pen, leaving a teeth-marked pitiful plastic shell)! I’ve done up a few design ideas for them, and will probably post them after The Murloc and his business partner have chosen a logo.

I also managed to hurt The Murloc’s lip when kissing him by suddenly feeling the desire to suck on his lower lip at a steady pressure over a good long 10 seconds.


Started on a Steve Jobs’ biography yesterday evening – “iCon” – written by Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon. I’m halfway through the book and thoroughly fascinated. Despite my obsession with Apple and their pretty products, I know nothing about the company. Strangely, it has also given me a sort of fuzzy courage that I can do things with my life I thought impossible. Like applying to Swinburne TAFE for a Cert IV in Business (Financial Accounting) course. Accounting!! The one subject you could always count on me to fail when I was in secondary school!!

The Murloc wants to watch more Battlestar Galactica, so I’ll just sign off here, and write more tomorrow! :)

The Lesser of Two Evils

Posted in Games by Sandra on October 3, 2008

After looking at my last (angry) post, I decided that I should write something else.

So I thought long and hard about new happy happenings in my life that I could write about.

I really did.

Girl Scouts’ Honour. ::places fist over her heart:: (Not that I ever was a girl scout, but it’s the thought that counts!)

But right now I can only think of two things that are vivid in my memory.

a) Raiding with The World’s Worst Druid (TWWD)

b) Crucial’s new guild website.

Of the two, Option B is the lesser evil, so let’s go for that. I’m sure the Murloc would ban me from WoW entirely if he realizes that I’ve been so incensed so as to write about TWWD here. I imagine the conversation’d go something like this:

Murloc: Kitten?

Sandra: Yes big one? :D

Murloc: Remember what I said last night about how you raiding with TWWD puts you in a bad place emotionally, because you end up in the foulest mood ever possible for a kitten after the raid?

Sandra: Uh… yeah?

Murloc: So, I read your blog.

Sandra: Um.

Murloc: We are never going to mention TWWD’s name, ever again. You’ve written yourself into a frenzied mess of Angry Tree Leaves.

Sandra: Does that mean we call him “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”? :D Because he’s such a major-

Murloc: Kitten. (in stern daddy voice)

Sandra: (ignores) – fuckhead! The world needs to know about his worthlessness before the younger druids start emulating him!!

Defender of the young, that’s me. Yeeep.

So yea, let’s talk about the guild website instead.

(deep breath)

I’ve put in hours upon hours of work into the new website for Crucial. It hasn’t gone live yet, because I want things to be ready for instant usage at least. I’ve gotten the appropriate modules, prettied up the site, actually written a few articles to start things off.

I’ve contended with errors, swore at Joomla v1.5, tussled with my one and only database, spent some lovin’ time with images and banners, sometimes ignoring not really hearing what my Murloc was saying because in that moment, the website is my boyfriend. I’ve got to give it my full attention. It’s my baby!

What? No, of course not, I’m not a geek nor a nerd! /indignant much, thank you.

As I was saying.

Now imagine that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction spreading over oneself having made a new site. Everything seemed to be perfect (mostly). So you invite a few people to have an honourary sneak peek at the website.

All seems well.

Until one of them informs you that the header’s a bit boring – just the words “<insert words here>” against a huge gray block.

Gray block? Are you telling me you cannot see the beautiful background I’ve put there?
!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD SEND ME A SCREENSHOT!!!!!1!1!1

That, basically, is my Number One Issue right now. I can view it fine on Safari and Opera, but Firefox Windows users can’t see the image(s). I’m distraught. I’m shattered. I’m… crumbling in despair.

You have no idea how much it hurts my wee kitteny heart. :< /sniff.

Speaking of which, I’ve just gotten a little Eureka! spark. Shall go test out my idea and see if it helps the images appear to them lousy Windows people!!

UPDATE: 30min later, and I’ve got the image fixed! Now, to wait for my Windows-using bethren to get online…

I lead a Warcrafted Life.

Posted in Games by Sandra on September 10, 2008

The Murloc bought Warcraft III the other day. Right now he’s in Chapter 7 of the Human campaign, somewhere on the icy floes of Northrend.

Me? I’d stopped just after that particular Chapter a few months ago, having downloaded the game and the very awesome NoCD crack somewhere. So while he was struggling past the 100 Zombie chapter, I was zipping past Mal’Ganis, Ice Trolls and Arthas’ own troops with the aid of mercenaries. As of 10 September 2008, I’ve unlocked the Undead campaign, and am waiting for the Murloc to catch up with me.

2 little issues – one to do with gameplay and one to do with relationships.

Should I be bothered if my final thought before charging through clumps of Scourge is, “To hell with the footmen, riflemen, healers and sorcerors – I’ll just bring Arthas and Muradin through!!”? [If you must know, this was in Chapter 8: Dissesion – where you had to burn your troops’ ships within 30minutes.]

I mean, that thought just states how the word “strategy” doesn’t mean a thing to me in a game that’s supposed to be, well, strategy-based, right?

It occurred to me then that I cannot label myself as a true gamer. I am an MMORPGer, not a “gamer”.

Oh, but “gamer” sounds so much more cooler!! :<

The fact that I’m actually bothering to wait for The Murloc to get the Undead campaign before I proceed with mine.

Does it smack of “(sweet)-things-that-couples-do-together” to you? Like how Aurorine and Krisen levelled from Level 1 together, and to this day, still do dailies together? Or how Vystique and Rystique have such similar names??

One thing I’m extremely happy with in this relationship is my perceived ability to not be clingy, not have to do things together, not have cute pet names (although we do – but it’s not a “must”).

Is my world falling down?

Is this the start of a slippery slope of clingyness?

… Oh dieting netherdrakes, I hope not.

In other news, The Murloc and I have just come out of Zul’Aman with The Twenty Minuters, a young Australian guild that has merged with The Outback Crusaders. Very easy-going guys, fun to raid with. I was extremely amused when raid leader Rewand demanded more communication over Ventrilo. Says that no one was talking during the fight so no one knew what was happening. Talk, people, talk!!

We were considerably more proactive with that Push-To-Talk button the next fight.

All in all, we spent a little over 2 hours in Zul’Aman with Hexlord Malacrass. (We’d cleared the other 4 bosses and got one timed chest on Monday night.)

I like raiding with Aussie time. As I write, Crucial is in the Black Temple. I haven’t raided with them for so long; I do miss them, but I simply can’t find it in me to stay up till 2am. Thanks to being with the Murloc, my circadian system’s been shifted 2 hours earlier…

Not a bad thing, since I’ve been getting up in time and actually been early for classes. SY thinks that I’m being possessed by an alien – aka The Murloc.

Damn, I’m one good digresser (is it really a word?). Shall leave thee in peace for the night, and go do something more productive.

Like editing category names into more sensible, rather than poetic ones.

A Farewell: LAD

Posted in Games by Sandra on June 5, 2008

I left LAD last week.

It’s like leaving home, in a way…

Ever since I started on Gorgonnash as a completely clueless druid, Laus Azure Divum has been my home. Back then most of the members were from my school, so the guild expanded my social circle quite a bit. I learnt a lot about really playing WoW – my first character on WoW was a huntard on a PvE server.

(( God. PvE! I don’t think I can stand the monotony of PvE anymore now that I’ve tasted PvP. ;) Nor hunters, now that I’ve experienced being a druid. ))

And there were the meet-ups, gatherings, BBQs, in-school non-stop WoW discussions that had everyone else rolling their eyes at us.

Then people left. Lost interest, got busy, decided it was too expensive. So non-school members were brought in in greater numbers.

It’s been I think 6 months, or 10. I can’t remember – I’m too hungry at the moment. I was made officer for some odd reason. I didn’t really had any role definition other than taking care of the website, and I did that the best I could. But LAD never really had much news of regular progression – or at least, there were no updates of progressions at which I was not present (people tend to not take photos and remember details like how long it took… lootz… etc…). That, and I took about thrice as long as any member to level to 70, so I missed out on the early euphoria of stepping into Karazhan for the first time.

And then I was 70. LAD really pampered me. I’ve no doubt that my +healing wasn’t quite enough to heal for Karazhan but they let me become a mainstay anyway. Then Gruul’s Lair. And Zul’Aman.

Then for a long time, we were just doing those instances over and over and over again.

Gradually even most of the founding members left or went inactive – leaving only Eeyoree and me, really. Either that or my memory is just bad. A new GM took over Lavender, and with him came a whole group of friends who became the mainstay of LAD.

And then we did Magtheridon.

The euphoria of downing him was infectious. In fact – the downing of any boss is a Lifebloom of “yay!” that occured in me. But it got stale – like every other thing. It’s only normal.

And people were showing up late, or flying the kite when it came to raiding. Getting a full guildies-only 25man was close to impossible. We had to PUG or ask friends. As a (useless) officer, it bugged me. What can I possibly do to edge LAD to a more disciplined guild? Do I have any say at all given what I do for the guild? I’ve an inferiority complex of sorts – and for me it meant that I had little say in how the guild was really run. There was no clear organizational structure. There were people of all sorts jumping in and sneaking out. And I couldn’t do anything!

It had to be one of the worst things about being Raiien.

So I left.

I felt like I couldn’t do anything. My absence doesn’t really mean anything except the start of a new life for me. LAD continues as it is, recruiting more, raiding 10mans… Last I heard they were considering a merger with another guild.

And this is where I openly thank the lords because it just means I left sooner than I would have, anyway.

I’m really just ranting, because the pain of leaving LAD is over now, though I will always cherish the memories.

Thank you for everything, Laus Azure Divum. I hope the skies get “bluer” for you, from now on.

Laus Azure Divum BBQ

Posted in People by Sandra on February 4, 2008

It has been a very cold, cloudy day. Moments earlier I took The Hoodie out of the dryer and grinned insanely as I slipped it on, feeling the much-welcomed warmth wrap around me. I felt surprisingly, perhaps even insanely happy just for the heat. And the heat is leaving with every passing second.

I think of a million things in the hours between we get to steal time together. The noise that surrounds me, the dilemma of my growing tummy, my suspicions of having celiac disease, the Nazis’ unfailing obedience to orders, prison environments, and of the week ahead.

No school. And no games either, since FFXI seems to be an uncertainty now for this month. So I read and have the time to test out different web browsers (I’m using Flock for both my Mac and Windows partition, despite having few to call friends).

And we had the guild BBQ, which was enormous fun.

We had to take group pictures twice because some came late (::cough:: Gavilyn and Jinglebells!).

But it was great fun, confusion, and food. The best BBQ food I’ve ever had I believe. Hail mashed potatoes, thanks to Kristela and her partner Jessica – for both the food and the venue.

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