Revisiting Singapore Arts Museum

Posted in Singapore by Sandra on July 18, 2008

It’s been a long time since chr and I visited the Museum, so after a week’s worth of procrastination, I finally dragged myself out into the bright hot sun!

Somehow we just recognized each other despite not having met up for years. (We actually only went out once… to another exhibition.) It’s either magical, or it might have something to do with the fact that he was calling me and I was about to put the phone to my ear when he spotted me. :)

I’m almost sorry I don’t have grand photographs of the museum’s facade, but I have good reasons for it! (A) There were a lot of non-local students who were cashing in on the free afternoon entry (like me!) and (B) I wasn’t alone, and it makes me a little self-conscious about getting into weird positions to take photographs “artistically”… (Oh, who am I kidding?)

Xu Beihong in Nanyang

The Lady's Tale

(This painting was reproduced by artificial means onto a pillar with corners, hence the discontinuity. No photographing allowed in the galleries…)

The current exhibition is titled “Xu Beihong in Nanyang”. While a quick google will no doubt find more information on him, I’ll just say that his art style is heavily influenced and tweaked by whatever countries he was in. But the models were almost painfully relevant to life – no idealized beauty here!

There was another artist whose works were being displayed in Halls 1.1 and 1.2, and then some. Images of the feminine form superimposed on landscape, objects, and the like. I wish I could be more impressed, considering that it wasn’t photoshopped and all, but it really did feel like it :(

Then we walked around some more, and coming to the end of the exhibits, found these little tiles affixed to the lower walls – apparently they’re some activities for young kids, because there were hints to get paper and pencil from the front desk for the kids to do some etching! Of course, we’re more digitally advanced than 10 year olds, so…

Spot The Tile - Rabbit

Spot The Tile - FrogSpot The Tile - Rat

There was also these murals depicting a fusion of modernity with traditionalism. I found them very interesting! LOVE the Macbook! :>

Modern Traditionalism - Ladies

The… “red stuff” is from a pattern of the “xi” word – “happiness”. Usually seen at Chinese weddings! (hints at Skyookums and Ianz)…

Now, a quick rundown of what else I was allowed to take pictures of…

Freedom Lamp

This was hung in the alcove (correct me about the term!), and the staircase curves around it. I love the sullen, sensual redness in contrast to the happy, almost-innocent glowyness of the artpiece…

Hanging Man

This guy surprised us when we rounded a corner, and at first it was shocking. Then while chr stood outside suffering with his green tea (the security guard pointed at him and thundered, “NO DRINKS INSIDE THE MUSEUM! FINISH IT!!”), I admired the … wire… sculpture. It’s quite relaxing actually. He seems quite at ease with his odd pose… He probably spent his life meditating, as if he were in a cocoon, safe from the big bad world!

The Yellow Corridor

A very yellow corridor.
Yes. I don’t know how else to describe it.
Coldplay? :>


Artwork Explanations

Indeed, what’s a home without associating things/stuff with it?…

Thanks chr, it was a great day out. With B&J ice cream, it just gets better! (-plots to make you late again-) :>

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PSY351: A Sneak Peak

Posted in Quick by Sandra on July 13, 2008

I’m taking PSY351 (Biopsycholoy) for Summer (II). It’s a digital course for me, with 2 in-class examinations, taught by Dr. Scott Wersinger who recorded lectures for us, and posted these online quizzes that we have to do. It’s open-book, of course, but some questions can be really mind-boggling.

Most others, though, he enjoys having aliens kidnap us. (Damn I knew I should’ve screencapped the many X-Files inspired questions!)

So here are a few choice picks from my quiz on Vision, which I just did. The first one is from the previous chapter. They’re thumbnailed because they’re kinda big…

I love having Dr. Wersinger! LOLness abound!

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