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It is 9:45am. I woke up late today, at about 8:15am. I forgot to set the alarm, and forgot to tell my colleague I wasn’t going to the office again today so that he wouldn’t have to pick me up.

I still feel groggy from sleeping so much. The skies are a grey slate, which means our fence won’t be up today. The landlord had finally agreed to replace the fence, and it was pulled down on Wednesday. Yesterday a tradie came at 2pm and did about 2 hours of work before it started raining. He fled in a hurry, and I can’t blame him. The rain was fierce yesterday. Which means I’ll have to stay home again on Monday, and possibly even Tuesday. The boys have had to be put on a leash before they can go potty. Accidents abound in this household where the dogs do not have easy access to their great big toilet. Today alone I picked up three loads worth of shit, and I’m sick of it. They were house-trained but this happens because the fence is not there. If only the tradies doing our fence was more responsible.

My home computer is at the office since my little Macbook was not up to the task of processing huge Word documents for a project, so I brought it in two weeks ago. So I am actually using the BF’s computer. His screen is too wide for me, and I have to move my head to read what I’ve typed. Dion sees me watching them sprawled on their blanket next to me, gets up and puts his front paws on me, asking for attention. I know what he wants – he wants his breakfast. I don’t want to give it to them because I am lazy; I don’t want to go out there with them on the leash another three times and come back inside to see an accident. I tell him “Down”, but he keeps trying. He pushes the chair I am upon across to the window. After shouting “Down” he gets off me. I wonder when I lost the patience for my boys, the kind I had when I was a glorified housewife. I get up and give them their food anyway.

I took them outside. Only Zac went for a little pee.

I don’t know why I entered this entry.

Oversleeping makes me tired.


Posted in Uncategorized by Sandra on November 21, 2009

How do bloggers do what they do so regularly? I certainly can’t. The effort of condensing thoughts into words on a screen is more work than I care for, especially now.

Life has been okay. The money-eyed demon made its presence known this week. Hopefully the last.

What do people write about on blogs anyway?

I feel rather off-balance. At the moment it’s too heavy on the “work” side. (“Work”, because it’s voluntary at the moment.) Mornings when the BF has training I get picked up by his business partner who lives nearby. Then it’s “work” till 5, have dinner, perhaps an episode or two of Criminal Minds, then bed by 10pm.

So predictable. If someone’s after our blood it won’t be difficult for them.