Bow Wow

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Bow Wow, I know I haven’t known you for very long, but living with you for two weeks was an eye opener.

For one, I realized just how much I missed my own two boys. Taking care of another’s dog while your own are elsewhere seems to make the heart so much more fonder, than if I were to be away from all dogs.

For the other, well, I saw how much pain you were in, both physically and emotionally. Physically because you got cancer and your leg had to be amputated. Emotionally because when you met my boys (to see if you all could get along) I could tell that you wanted so desperately to gallop around the half acre block we were on and play like a four legged dog. It made me resolve that if my boys were to ever be in your position, I’d choose the faster but more forgiving route of letting them sleep the eternal sleep.

I remember one morning a week into our stay with you in particular. It was eight in the morning, and we were still dozing in bed. I heard a great thump, and another, and then the most sooky little sigh I’ve ever heard. I made myself get up, because I thought you might be in pain and needed help of some sort. When I opened the doors, you were standing before the door with your great ugly mouth open, panting with the effort of hopping across the marble floor to get there.

When we said oh, good morning bow wow! You gave me the biggest, cheekiest grin I’d ever seen on you.

Turns out you had decided that we were late in giving you your breakfast (4 scoops of meat mince with a tablet from each of the two medications you took daily, with the tablets hidden well under the meat).

You were, we decided, even more of a grandpa dog than Dion the Grumpus is.

We originally put your mattress closer to the windows in the living room, so that you might have a view of your lands and be satisfied that no miscreant puppies sneaked in. On a day that the BF had to go out, leaving me at home, I pulled your mattress next to the long couch, so that I may read with you by my side. You seemed to enjoy your new position more, and so there you stayed till the end.

We spoilt you terribly with treats, if you remember. Those times were when you were the most active, tail whacking the floor so hard I was afraid you might break it. You endeavoured to look your best, so you kept your mouth closed and your eyes big… for a few seconds; then the excitement took over again and you were panting and slobbering all over the place, big snout nosing towards the hidden treat.

When we finally gave you the treat, you would finish it within mere seconds, and then be looking for more.

You enjoyed grooming and being touched (patted, hugged, stroked) the most. When I moved away you would pull your head up and stare at me with the most accusing eyes, as if the mere thought of going away from you should’ve never even crossed my mind and how dare I act on it!

We received the SMS on Monday. The cancer had spread to 30% of your chest. I am so sorry Bow Wow… Where you are with four legs, whole and hale again, I wish you well. Know that we love you.

Bow Wow

A Big Black Snout

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I am alive

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Yes, I really am.
In fact, I have spent most of tonight updating my Flickr with more pictures from September 2009 onwards than you probably care to see.