E71 & Mac iSync

Posted in How-To by Sandra on May 27, 2009

Considering how much I’m utilizing my new shiny e71 to organize things, I decided to find out if I could sync the e71 calendar to my iCal.

First, you have to go to Nokia Europe’s iSync download page. Click the green “download” button and select your device. In this case, the e71. The site uses a scroller-style menu to display the phones.

After downloading the plugin, run iSync. (if it’s running while you installed the plugin, close and run again.)

Make sure your e71’s bluetooth is turned on, then add a new device (CMD+N) in iSync. Wait a few seconds for your e71 to get a prompt to allow your Mac to connect to it (and, obviously, allow it).

Once the synchronization has been done, the device icon and name will appear next to the default .mac connection.

You can choose to either “Merge data on computer and device” or to “Erase data on phone and sync”.

As for Contacts, I suppose you could choose to sync certain “groups” of people rather than everyone. As I don’t have anyone in groups yet, it only shows “All Contacts” for me. In “More Options”, you can sync only contacts with phone numbers – very useful if you have people with only addresses!

For Calendars, you can choose to synchronize all calendars in your iCal, or just a few. I’ve created a calendar just for the e71 so that events created on my phone will go there before I edit them into their appropriate categories. You don’t want to mess up your existing calendars! :) You can choose not to synchronize events created before, and after certain periods of time.

Now, every time you hit the Sync button, your e71 will receive a prompt to allow access to it. I suppose it is to prevent unwanted synchronizations.

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Just so you know

Posted in Quick by Sandra on May 22, 2009

I did some sewing today, patching up one of the blankets they boys shredded up. I’m not posting pictures because the stitches are so ugly no one would think it’s the handiwork of a girl.

Still, all the same, I’ve done it.

Please don’t remind me of how very housewifey it is. :(

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Morning in the Backyard

Posted in photography by Sandra on May 19, 2009

Spent a good bit of yesterday morning sitting in the backyard (on a piece of cardboard so I don’t get my clothes dirty) and took about a hundred pictures. That’s one of the major drawbacks about posting pictures for me – I’ve taken so many, have to filter through all of them, edit them as necessary, resize them, upload them. Such a PITA, but for you, dear reader, I shall do that.

Just as I got up to get the camera after some time sitting in the sun, the Murloc came out to join me for a bit. His exact words were, ‘Don’t think I didn’t notice a sun-spotting kitten!’ :)

Part A: Car

Posted in photography by Sandra on May 14, 2009

Well, the great PY has commanded me to brrrrog and here I am, brrrogging for your entertainment (as if she herself blogs enough to entertain me!)

Two major things have happened since my last blog.

a) We picked up a new car.

b) We moved into a new place.

Our first night here was on Saturday night, and I’ve been taking my time unpacking since then. But since it’s too cold out for me to go and take pictures of the house from the outside, I shall show you the new car we traded the fucking whingey Italian mistress (that’s the Alfa for you non-car people) for.

It’s a BMW 320i. (Link brings you to official BMW page.)

BMW in Driveway




Dig it, baby ;). It’s spacious, smooth, such a fucking good ride. Every time we go somewhere in that car I feel like I should be wearing my LBD, Lucieno heels and subtle, classy bling.

That’s an oxymoron isn’t it? Subtle, classy bling…

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Zac is a Celebrity!

Posted in Quick by Sandra on May 5, 2009

Well, celebrity might be a bit strong, but he’s certainly famous even anonymously so!

The RSPCA has used him in a photoshoot, and he’ll be appearing in quite a few mail-boxes for RSPCA’s annual tax time donation event! We received ours in a padded bag which was left on our doorstep, because for us there’s more than just the brochure…

“Your donation means more than ever this tax time.

Unfortunately, we’ve been busier than ever this year. As the tightening economy hits Victorian homes, many family pets are finding themselves without one. As a result, the number of animals entering our shelters have risen by a massive 18%, bringing the total to a staggering 41,343.

If we can’t keep up with the increasing demands on our resources and services, the streets could be the only option for many Victorian animals. That’s why we urgently need your help.

With your generous donation, we can continue to provide these animals with the care they so desperately need to find a loving, new home.

As the end of the financial year approaches, now is the perfect time to support the RSPCA, because all donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible.

To give, please call 1300 300 662, go to www.rspcavic.org or visit your local RSPCA shelter.” 

The RSPCA has also sent us an extra print from the photoshoot itself:

Our boy is famous!!

On the day of the adoption, quite a few people have told us what a natural model he was. Eventually he got tired (like a true diva) and fell asleep – that’s where the picture came from, apparently. He’s been a very good boy, far more intelligent than Dion (oh, our poor beautiful fool…) and he has adjusted very well to our home. He loves his cuddles and will grab/give one at any time! :)

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