Hello Buddy

Posted in Uncategorized by Sandra on March 22, 2010

Oh wow, time sure flies.

In my last post I wrote about the passing of a good friend’s dog, Bow Wow. Today, I am going to introduce our good friend’s new dog – Buddy the Rottie!

We met him a month ago for the first time at Brighton Dog Beach, and I’ve got some photos to share.

Buddy the Rottie

This is Buddy with his owner’s bright blue bum. He’s a bit slender still but they’re feeding him well, so he’ll probably bulk up pretty soon.


Brighton Dog Beach is always abuzz with people and pooches, especially on great sunny days!


Zac having fun with a black dog, which might very well be Buddy. You can see why we love the dog beach so much – it’s fenced and safe, and we can let our beagle boys off lead… Which is an amazing thing for us. Beagles are scent hounds and notoriously stubborn once on a scent trail – no amount of calling will bring them back to you unless they’ve been trained real hard to respond to you even when they are sniffing something good!


This is Dion… hehe, having a poop and looking absolutely miserable that he has to stop playing to attend nature’s call.

Zac & The Foldy Water Bottle

Zac again, modelling for us a popular accessory for pets – a squeezable water bottle which folds out for your pet. After folding the coloured bit out, you squeeze the bottle so water goes out into the, well, portable trough.

More pictures at my Flickr, including views of Melbourne from the dog beach and several of dogs and the beach itself.

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