Zac: Feeding Issues

Posted in The Dawgs by Sandra on March 29, 2009

Yesterday, we concluded that Zac had come from a two-dog household. While Dion and Zac got on really well, it became a whole different story when it was meal-time.

We feed our boys twice a day – once in the morning, and once at night, and times are usually about 10:30am and 8pm depending on what time we humans have our food. (It’s part of establishing the “we humans are you dogs’ leaders” thing.)

1st event:
This was on the day that we brought Zac home. We’d gotten him home about mid-day, so he missed out on breakfast. Dinner time came, and we had two bowls for both boys. Wanting to help soft-c**k-Dion establish dominance over Zac, we let Dion eat first. Zac started later. All seemed to be somewhat okay – until Dion wandered over to Zac’s bowl.

Zac started growling and even attempted to bite Dion, but we managed to restrain him before he hurt Dion. However, Dion was severely shaken and refused to eat if he could see Zac. We had to give him his dinner in the hallway while Zac had his in the study.

2nd event:
This was breakfast this morning. Again, we had Zac on lead, and gave Dion the go-ahead to start first. He started whimpering and did not seem interested in his food at all, despite our efforts to encourage him to do so. I took Dion to another room, but he still did not eat, so we assumed Dion was simply skipping breakfast again – something he does regularly even though he’s a food-vacuum beagle! – and put his food away. Then we let Zac eat.

Surprisingly, Zac did not finish all of his share. He actually set some aside for Dion, who happily scarfed down the left overs. Zac has to be the dominant one in their relationship if this is happening… at least, that’s our reasoning.

3rd event:
Dinner time, today. We set out two bowls again, and let Zac start first (though keeping him on lead just in case). Dion started after, and there was no whimpering, no fighting, no growling. Zac did leave a portion of his food aside again, but realized Dion had his own bowl so he simply finished it. After the two polished off everything, Dion walked over and licked Zac’s bowl clean. I’d expected an outburst of possessiveness over his food bowl from Zac, but he simply curled up and had a bit of relaxation time.

It’s been a very curious process, tinged with genuine worry on our parts in some instances. It has been interesting observing this… ritual of the two dogs.

Zac was extremely protective of his food and aggressive in his defense. Perhaps the other dog/animal in his former home used to steal from his bowl (which would also explain why he’s so damn scrawny), and he felt similarly threatened (due to the conditioning) when Dion approached his bowl.

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Introducing Zac

Posted in The Dawgs by Sandra on March 27, 2009

I don’t have a good picture of him yet because Dion’s been all over him. We think Dion’s got a dog crush.

Zac is a Beagle X Kelpie that we adopted from the RSPCA (previous owners returned to Germany or something), so have a bit of imagination and try and dream up how he looks like…


Got the new pictures uploaded, so here we go.


Dion’s got a huge dog-crush on Zac – they’ve been playing/fighting for dominance like this ever since we brought Zac home about mid-day two days ago!

Zac Smiley

In this particular picture it is easy to spot the differences in facial features between Zac and Dion. I’ve put notes on the flickr page- mouseover the image here and you’ll be able to see them.

Zac Sleeping


They’ve been inseparable since then. Makes me happy – get exhausted together, fall asleep together, peace in the world yay.

As I mentioned above, they’ve been playing/fighting for dominance in their little pack. It should be about a week, but I’m rooting for Dion here even though he’s an underdog (8months old – Zac’s a year old). So far though, Zac seems to be winning. This morning Dion wouldn’t eat until Zac ate, indicating that he thought Zac’s the leader, and Zac left some of his food for Dion. Very interesting, this development. I’ll write more in another post.

We need to do some shopping to buy new collars and leads…

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Posted in Prose by Sandra on March 26, 2009

It’s a topic that’s been cropping up in conversations with The Murloc lately. (And also possibly caused by the book I’m currently reading – Linda Grant’s “Sexing the Millenium“.

The question is, why do some homosexuals make their sexual orientation their raison d’etre?

I don’t know any homosexuals on a friendly level (well, one, but said person is very conservative and hence not in the subcategory of people I speak of here anyway), so my conclusion here is very much one of an armchair analyst’s.

Self Esteem

Most people identify their sexual orientation in their mid-late teenage years, which are usually turbulent times for most. I think some decide that they are homosexuals, and as that becomes the only thing that is constant through the years as s/he grows and changes in every other way but their sexual preference, it becomes something of a self-esteem booster that they are reliant on. “I may not know what I am, but I know one thing for sure: I’m a homosexual, and I’m proud of it.” — so much so that they take displaying their uniqueness to an extreme.


In conservative countries like Singapore, meeting someone who declares him/herself to be a homosexual isn’t a regular occurrence. (I’m not saying that it is so in Australia, just in case, but Australia gives one the opportunity to expand mindsets with all the possibilities available here… as long as you’re in here legally.)

Now, imagine for a moment that you are a homosexual. You’re proud of it, and you think people should be more accepting of homosexuals like you. But the fact is people usually aren’t, especially the older generations. So you decide to make your sexual preference a revolutionary action. A move against the traditions which your countrymen escone themselves safely in. You want to do something, to shock people into sitting up straight instead of dozing off and listen to the world changing right before them. So you decide to make homosexuality and identity your thesis, perhaps even publish it. You create a strong bond with other homosexuals – just because you are all just a few people against the majority of “normal” (not that homosexuality is abnormal.)

I Want Some

Or perhaps one is simply so loudly homosexual because one wants to be noticed, to be talked about, and to be in/famous. And then you have a higher chance of getting some.

Note that I’ve written this when I’m 19years and some months old, on this date and day at this time.

I expect that perhaps a decade or two later I’ll come back, read this, and try to burn this post off the internet because I’ve been such a narrow-minded nutcase.

Quickie: And unshaped

Posted in Quick by Sandra on March 26, 2009

Not because our connection has done its monthly reset, but because we got a new line with iiNet. Was really surprising too, considering that:

– The guys at iiNet initially told us it’d take 15-20 days to get our new connection up and running

– Then they amended that to 3-7 days after more discussion

– And we got an SMS from them 9 hours after the application for a line that we’ve been connected.

Wow – 20 days to 9 hours. Quite a big difference don’t you think?

So I’m back now, though we still need to get our D-Link router to remember wireless settings… Don’t need others stealing our much-needed bandwidth kthx. I hope that Singapore doesn’t go for bandwidth-capped internet – people like my brother dearest (who downloads a shitload of… stuff) will be very unhappy.

Quickie: Shaped

Posted in Quick by Sandra on March 24, 2009

Hey all,

I won’t be online much over the next 8-9 days as we’ve hit the bandwidth cap of 20gb (that’s what they call it here in Australia: shaped!), and internet speed has slowed to dial-up quality or worse. I blame it on the housemate’s rabid downloading and The Murloc’s “work-related needs”. I will be on now and then as my connection permits, though!

I actually quite like this no-internet thing. I’ve had more time for other stuff.

Like… doing the Murloc’s homework assignments.