A Farewell: LAD

Posted in Games by Sandra on June 5, 2008

I left LAD last week.

It’s like leaving home, in a way…

Ever since I started on Gorgonnash as a completely clueless druid, Laus Azure Divum has been my home. Back then most of the members were from my school, so the guild expanded my social circle quite a bit. I learnt a lot about really playing WoW – my first character on WoW was a huntard on a PvE server.

(( God. PvE! I don’t think I can stand the monotony of PvE anymore now that I’ve tasted PvP. ;) Nor hunters, now that I’ve experienced being a druid. ))

And there were the meet-ups, gatherings, BBQs, in-school non-stop WoW discussions that had everyone else rolling their eyes at us.

Then people left. Lost interest, got busy, decided it was too expensive. So non-school members were brought in in greater numbers.

It’s been I think 6 months, or 10. I can’t remember – I’m too hungry at the moment. I was made officer for some odd reason. I didn’t really had any role definition other than taking care of the website, and I did that the best I could. But LAD never really had much news of regular progression – or at least, there were no updates of progressions at which I was not present (people tend to not take photos and remember details like how long it took… lootz… etc…). That, and I took about thrice as long as any member to level to 70, so I missed out on the early euphoria of stepping into Karazhan for the first time.

And then I was 70. LAD really pampered me. I’ve no doubt that my +healing wasn’t quite enough to heal for Karazhan but they let me become a mainstay anyway. Then Gruul’s Lair. And Zul’Aman.

Then for a long time, we were just doing those instances over and over and over again.

Gradually even most of the founding members left or went inactive – leaving only Eeyoree and me, really. Either that or my memory is just bad. A new GM took over Lavender, and with him came a whole group of friends who became the mainstay of LAD.

And then we did Magtheridon.

The euphoria of downing him was infectious. In fact – the downing of any boss is a Lifebloom of “yay!” that occured in me. But it got stale – like every other thing. It’s only normal.

And people were showing up late, or flying the kite when it came to raiding. Getting a full guildies-only 25man was close to impossible. We had to PUG or ask friends. As a (useless) officer, it bugged me. What can I possibly do to edge LAD to a more disciplined guild? Do I have any say at all given what I do for the guild? I’ve an inferiority complex of sorts – and for me it meant that I had little say in how the guild was really run. There was no clear organizational structure. There were people of all sorts jumping in and sneaking out. And I couldn’t do anything!

It had to be one of the worst things about being Raiien.

So I left.

I felt like I couldn’t do anything. My absence doesn’t really mean anything except the start of a new life for me. LAD continues as it is, recruiting more, raiding 10mans… Last I heard they were considering a merger with another guild.

And this is where I openly thank the lords because it just means I left sooner than I would have, anyway.

I’m really just ranting, because the pain of leaving LAD is over now, though I will always cherish the memories.

Thank you for everything, Laus Azure Divum. I hope the skies get “bluer” for you, from now on.