My glasses broke

Posted in Quick by Sandra on June 29, 2009


Guess which part ;)

I mean, the part that broke was slowly breaking down over the months, but it was still pretty dramatic. I’d gone to 6 different optometrists asking for bundles ($330 at the least because of my degree) and the cost of eye tests ($65 because I’m a tourist).

We saw a pair at our local optometrist that was a beautiful pair, distinguished purple metal frames. Not plastic, not tacking.


So I went shopping online and we’d decided on these.

Spectacles Colours

I’ll be getting the red ones, and best of all even with the most expensive options (since I don’t know my actual eye prescriptions yet): “Price – Lens & Frame: $80.90


Downside is, I’ll probably have to wait a month for them to arrive.


Dion, Sleep, Tickles

Posted in The Dawgs by Sandra on June 24, 2009

Christ, has it really been 11 days since I last posted?

Well, here’s a little special something for you then…

Proudly recorded from my e71 which I love to bits but srsly there’s no phone better than the iPhone if you want accessibility to free apps. :<

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Tram driver vs BMW driver

Posted in Quick by Sandra on June 13, 2009

Just passed a curious never-before-seen (by me) sight on Bridge Road.

There was a jam on the other side of the roads.

Tram driver was yelling at a BMW driver through the tram speakers to get off the tram tracks.

BMW driver shouted, ‘The fucking car broke down!’ loud enough for us to hear it in our road bubble.

How embarrassing it must’ve been for the BMW driver to have to explain his situation. (BMW? Break down? I thought that only happened to Alfas!)

Anyway he managed to get the car moving after shouting that last tidbit. Thought the tram driver was pretty unreasonable from what we saw – guy’s car broke down, what do you expect? It’s not like there was anyone helping him either.