You’d never guess where I am now

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You’d never guess where I am now.

Four weeks ago, I couldn’t have guessed where I would be, today, in this moment.

I’m in Texas.

Yup, Texas.

I think the minimum temperature is something like 25*C, maximum between 35-40*C. It’s enjoyable.

I’ll be here for another 9 days. And I’m already not sure if I want to return to the biting cold of Melbourne.

There’s a lot of people. A lot of cars. A lot of space. A lot of road. A lot of buildings, from a booming era gone past – at least where I am. Here, unlike in Melbourne, I find a rising desire to just drive.

Housemate’s moved out

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The housemate finally moved out last weekend, leaving a mess behind in his area (bedroom, main bathroom and main toilet) but we figured he’ll never do it anyway. Perhaps a picture of the bathtub in the main bathroom should be taken for memory – not been used/cleaned for a year, with his hair and towel fluff coating it…

He has yet to make plans about some stuff left behind and give us the keys but we figured we’ll give him a week to do it himself.

After all, having lived with him for 2 years I we figured it was time to stop being his parents.

The night after he moved out I we did a big clean of the house – except for the bathroom/toilet. I need to work up more courage to get into it. There was a footy match going on: Fremantle vs Geelong, I think. Geelong’s the BF’s footy team, by the way. And Freo, a team which seemingly came out of nowhere (ie, not a big name) beat them. It was an amazing WINZ for Freo, especially since Geelong won the AFL Premiership last year. Top cats ain’t looking so cool anymore, heh.

After the match when the BF was helping me with cleaning the house I managed to get him to take a couple of pictures with me (fully clothed) in our now 100% ours (still renting) house!

First picture taken with a confused BF

First picture taken with a confused BF

Second picture taken with a posing BF

Second picture taken with a posing BF

Third picture taken with a BF checking himself out on the phone

Third picture taken with a BF checking himself out on the phone

Fourth picture taken with a BF pretending to be a Freo player

Fourth picture taken with a BF pretending to be a Freo player - Remember, Freo won Geelong!

That cyan band around his wrist, by the way, are weights. Some sort of iron sand are in them and each band is 1kg! I strapped them onto him during the match because even though he bought them months ago he didn’t use them, and I figured since he claps and cheers and does all these hand gestures while he watches the match he might as well work them muscles.

April: Early winter sets in

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We turned on our gas ducted heating today after waking up to gray-slated skies.

It’s mid-April, and the days have steadily gotten cooler. According to this google search result for Melbourne’s seasons, the April and May months are categorized as “Early Winter”. There are some warm days, but there has been a lot more rain and wind.

The backyard, freshly mowed a few weeks ago, is starting to look like a budding jungle again. The grass (and unfortunately, weeds) are lush and green, which is a rather deceptive trait because once you get out there you realize that instead of being warm and welcoming, your toes are frozen with the dew and squelching with mud.

Cold days make me hungry for filling Asian foods. Like the curry that my mum makes (A2 brand curry, chicken, potatoes simmered for ages), or nabemono, a winter Japanese dish that Skye has been torturing my imagination with (“Oh I just had sukiyaki last week!”).

So today I made bread and scones, then cooked Yeo’s Singapore Curry Sauce (‘Spicy!’) for lunch without meat nor potatoes (because we simply did not have them in the house) and ate it with the bread I made earlier. Yummy, though the curry did taste a tad… sweeter? than I expected.

I am going to make nabemono of some sort this winter… Just you wait Skye!

On being a visa-carrying hausfrau

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Well I am now a de facto spouse visa carrying member of the Australia community. I’m totally legal now. [To stay, of course. I was legal (and hence unexciting :<) years ago now.]

So what do I do on my 1st (or 2nd) day of being legal in Australia?

Sleep, of course. Need to make up for all the beauty sleep lost during the previous 18 months worrying, fretting and worrying some more over my visa status.

But I couldn’t let the bf think I sleep so much – so lazy right! So, I woke up with him this morning, had sexy time [which includes but is not limited to cuddling with the dogs (who spent 90% of the night on the bed)!], got up to iron his shirt while the Man of the House had his morning cleansing routine, baked bread after he left, had bread and egg for breakfast, then got on the computer.

Did the usual rounds of facebook, email, friends’ blogs… And then spent hours on Xiaxue’s blog. I’m on Page 7 right now… which only brings me to December 2009. She has a way of writing that sings to the Singaporean part of me, which is fast fading except for the giam lui (stingy) part of me. In fact, her Singlish is so powerful that when I stepped out to get the mail I was shocked to see an angmoh across the road. LOL!

Then I did some work… which basically involves me going to dreamstime and trawling through royalty-free images for placeholder images in Keystone’s latest marketing push – which is still a secret btw because I am making it. So out of my depth doing it… I want to go back to the website bits of it and just tell the BF to get a real designer lawlawlawl. I got about 20 images, then thought to put on some socks because it’s very cold. Fall mah… winter coming soon. :<

Except when I got to the bedroom I promptly curled up in bed with the dogs and went to sleep again! This time sleep for 2 hours! See – best way of not letting your bf know you sleep like a pig and snore like a cow is to have naps when he's not home. TRUE STORY!

So didn't want to get up, but later cannot sleep how? The BF will suspect and that is not good at all. He'll call me pig and break my heart. :< So I vacuumed the house (SO HAUSFRAU RIGHT!) and came to blog this.

The house is in a mess right now because the housemate is "in the process of moving out". Well, hopefully it will be soon because he was supposed to have been completely moved out during the 4 day long Easter weekend last week.

… OH MY GOD I DIDN'T TELL YOU ABOUT OUR NEW FRIDGE!!! Okay I'll do that in the next post!

P.S. Mega, like that enough for your voracious reading needs?!

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Argh, I really should update more shouldn’t I?

If only I could write just a snippet a day… :P


My visa has finally been granted.

I can work now!