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Typo is a new shop in Knox Shopping Centre, next to Perri’s Hair Saloon on the second level. The BF and I had gone to Bar Bosh for breakfast, which is why I chanced upon this shop in the first place. I bought two items from it:

Duck-shaped paper clips and "natural"-look A5 Lined Spiral Notebook from Typo

Duck-shaped paper clips and "natural"-look A5 Lined Spiral Notebook from Typo

I’m not sure if I’ve told anyone what a big fan of paper I am. I love the texture, the cleanliness, the many different colours, and the way they smell. But most of all I love them because, before computers and blogging came about, I used to write every day and night. Journal entries, short stories, character biographies, I wrote anything and everything. Even street directions. Typing on a keyboard just doesn’t compare… until now.

I’ve not written lengthy diatribes by hand for so long now that I can scarcely write more than a page or two at a sitting. And usually, the stuff that struggles out of my pen is so bland that I’m tempted to rip the page out and attempt my imaginary novel anew. The computer just churns text out so much faster, and so much more legible at that. How can my cursive handwriting ever compare to the stoic elegance of separated letters that you, a thousand miles away, can read? (Which reminds me, I have a post card I should make for someone in time for Christmas.)

Well people, if you’re ever in doubt what to get for me and don’t want to ask what I would like for fear that I would give you a list of items far beyond your budget, then a beautiful, sturdy spiral notebook or a nice ink (not ballpoint, they don’t seem to lend to my writing inspirations) pen would be perfectly lovely.

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LOTD: Disable Auto-Repair For More Info

Posted in Uncategorized by Sandra on December 10, 2009

LOTD = Lesson of the Day (which is, for today, “Disable Auto-Repair for more information about the problem”)

I had quite a nasty shock last night when I logged out of Ubuntu and booted into Windows 7… Or tried to, anyway. Each time, I was slapped in the face with a cold “Startup Repair could not repair this computer automatically”. Since I had to go into the office the next day, I decided to let the matter rest… for the moment.

(Obviously that strategy did not agree with me because I then had a dream about being in a war zone where the invaders were headquartered in a condominium and my people decided that the safest place was to find an empty unit right above these people…)

However, I am home now, and 2 hours later I had the problem fixed. It was so simple, I die inside a little time every time I think that I should have done Step 1 immediately.
Step 1: Boot from Windows DVD. Open a terminal. Type this in:

bcdedit /set {default} recoveryenabled no

Step 2: Reboot.

Step 3: Take note of error. For me, it showed that


was causing the error, being either corrupt or missing.

Step4: Find a way to rename file to .sys.bak – I used my Ubuntu installation for this, getting to that file with GUI.

Step 5: Reboot. Now, it should boot properly! Yay!

However, at this point I noticed that my CD drive is not working. It is seen and recognized in Device Manager, but with the yellow triangle exclamation mark icon.

Step 6: You should do a back-up of your regedit. To be honest, I didn’t do it, and don’t know how to.

Step 7: Get into regedit – Start > regedit.

Step 8: Navigate your way to:


Step 9: Select “UpperFilters” – right click and delete it.

Step 10: Select “LowerFilters” – delete it too. ** Do not delete UpperFiltersBak or LowerFiltersBak if you have them!

Step 11: Close regedit and reboot.

Tadah! Now, everything works before whatever it was fucked your machine up! :>

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing: Karmic Koala

Posted in Computers by Sandra on December 5, 2009

I’s a happy kitten. :)

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