When It All Started

Posted in The BF by Sandra on April 24, 2009

The Group

This is how I met Thrawnmalt – aka, The Murloc. According to the file info, this screenshot was taken on 4 November 2007 at 8.20pm.

It was after a few runs of Zul’farak. I was healing while either Garant or Groundburst was tanking… I think it’s Groundburst.

The guys wanted to use the ingame voice chat, which was pretty bad quality. At that time, I actually thought Groundburst sounded the cutest, and he was also the friendliest. I had the smallest crush on GB – it lasted for a day or two.

Soon after, I found Thrawnmalt stalking me in the Un’Goro Crater… :)

P.S. Anyone notices Thrawnmalt’s weapon, in contrast to how he’s decked out now…?

EDIT: Apparently I need to be more specific regarding Thrawnmalt’s gear: HE’S A HUNTER AND HE’S WIELDING A STAFF.

“But my spells, like Arcane shot etc… they require mana!”


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