April: Early winter sets in

Posted in Uncategorized by Sandra on April 11, 2010

We turned on our gas ducted heating today after waking up to gray-slated skies.

It’s mid-April, and the days have steadily gotten cooler. According to this google search result for Melbourne’s seasons, the April and May months are categorized as “Early Winter”. There are some warm days, but there has been a lot more rain and wind.

The backyard, freshly mowed a few weeks ago, is starting to look like a budding jungle again. The grass (and unfortunately, weeds) are lush and green, which is a rather deceptive trait because once you get out there you realize that instead of being warm and welcoming, your toes are frozen with the dew and squelching with mud.

Cold days make me hungry for filling Asian foods. Like the curry that my mum makes (A2 brand curry, chicken, potatoes simmered for ages), or nabemono, a winter Japanese dish that Skye has been torturing my imagination with (“Oh I just had sukiyaki last week!”).

So today I made bread and scones, then cooked Yeo’s Singapore Curry Sauce (‘Spicy!’) for lunch without meat nor potatoes (because we simply did not have them in the house) and ate it with the bread I made earlier. Yummy, though the curry did taste a tad… sweeter? than I expected.

I am going to make nabemono of some sort this winter… Just you wait Skye!


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