What Happened on 23 October 2009

Posted in Quick by Sandra on October 25, 2009

Two things happened on that day.

  1. I lodged my application for my de facto partner visa (Subclass 820) at the Dandenong office.

We waited for 3 hours (from 12.30pm to 3.30pm) to see an official, rather than posting it because my current visa would end on Sunday, when the offices weren’t open. After seeing some people who’d arrived an hour after us get called, we decided to ask if we were still in the queue. The lady checked, said we were, then asked me to file a complaint. As I didn’t want to kick up a fuss I started to smile and say that it’s all right, she gave me a very firm look and said that she was serious. The office was affected by the budget cuts and were painfully under-staffed, and every complaint about outrageous wait times would help. When I got back to the seat 5 seconds later, our number was called. Whew!! (I’d certainly submit that complaint, but not till my visa is approved… :P)

  1. The boys escaped – both, even though Zac was present when we got home.

We found a section of the fence knocked off, leaving a gap just big enough so that the dogs could squeeze through. Zac was waiting for us when we got home, but no sign of Dion the dumbo at all. I took Zac and started running up to the shops at Rowville Lake, calling for Dion every other step. The Murloc took the car and drove around. Half an hour later, when I had crossed the road and gotten to the the retirement village, I got a call from the Murloc saying he found Dumbo.

Apparently Dion was streaking up Goulburn Drive in great excitement while Zac had crossed the main road and was looking at Dion from there. A few girls saw Dion and called to their mum to bring a collar because there was a dog who was lost! They managed to get his attention and cornered him, slipping the collar on. They didn’t get Zac though, and we guessed he must have run back home and popped through the gap.

It was certainly a very stressful day for us… I worried my heart out over the visa, then over the dogs. Certainly not keen to repeat such a day… though I do hope that when we call up the real estate agent with the dogs’ story, she will realize that the fence needs a real repair!


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