Quickie 2

Posted in Quick by Sandra on October 19, 2009

It’s the tail end of a working day, and the company website is finally up – there’re only two more details I need to adjust, and they can wait till tomorrow. We’ve been working on a marketing campaign for the company in-house, and it has been quite a journey of discoveries for me.

We’ve exploring direct mail as a personal marketing technique. While JD has magick-ed up a postcard, I have grander (and probably impractical) ideas involving sensory mail (specifically, something called a Magic Window) and handwritten letters. However, there is a chance that they might not be shot down ASAP once I spin some story to them about the “good olde days” and the “personal connection” of seeing my scrawl… :) Come think of it, I probably shouldn’t be posting this, but sooner or later the mail will reach the prospective client’s desk and people will know. At least if they ever google for it, they will know it’s being done with painstaking detail and plans. 

We brought the Shihtzu Malteses (Bella and Candy) home yesterday afternoon. We’ve left a load of instructions for the family and hope that they will remember and follow them. We’ve also left our crate (and the bf’s Thailand souvenir towel on which the dogs have slept for 3 weeks) with them, and we’ll be checking back in 2 weeks. Even the family’s noticed the dramatic reduction in Bella’s dominance, and Candy didn’t pee in the house the moment we let her out of the crate, so that’s a good start.

I really hope they get a better life – no dog, especially when bought specifically for a pet-status, should live a life like they did before.

The boys missed the girls though. Zac checked the house for a fair few hours in all of the rooms when we came back without the girls. I think he misses his girlfriend(s)… :)


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