Mac OS and Windoze 7

Posted in How-To by Sandra on August 12, 2009

I really can’t call Windows 7 “Windoze 7”, considering how good it’s been.

My system specifications:
Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger)
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Drive Capacity: 111.79 GB

What I Did:

I didn’t have a DVD burner, so I’d asked a friend to help me burn it the next time he comes to the house. Which would’ve been the next day, but I was too impatient and wanted to try installing Windows 7 without a DVD.

Google to the rescue!

1. I tried Windows 7 as a virtual machine on VMWare first. I was able to install from the ISO direct (available from Microsoft direct here).

2. Got a NTFS-formatted external hard drive. Followed instructions as per PC World’s article up till Step 5.

3. Used Bootcamp to partition 40 GB for Windoze.
a. At this point I ran into some error saying that some files could not be moved. I backed up everything I had to my external and simply reinstalled Mac OS X, installed Bootcamp, and did the partitioning. Time-consuming, but I’ve been wanting to do it anyway.
b. Possibly, uninstalling VMWare and getting rid of all of its files will work (as it did for Parallel users.)

4. Used a HP WinXP Pro SP2 CD to format partition as NTFS (No FAT32 for over 32 GB partitions).
Had it lying around – I’d brought it over from Singapore. (Left my nice long scarf at home though – shows you where my priorities are, eh?)

5. Installed WinXP Pro.

6. Accessed the partition with ISO contents and ran setup.exe directly.

Windows 7 installed over WinXP perfectly. It went without a hitch. I have to say, I am impressed. When Vista came along I didn’t think much of it. The phrase “Various Improvements Similar to Apple” was what I saw Vista as.

Windows 7, however, is another matter. Most programmes will run on 7 as its configurations are similar to Vista’s (or something like that). If 7 is unsure, a dialog will open asking if you want to just run it, or go online to see if there’s any known 7-approved methods of installing it. Most times, just running the installer and the programme as usual is fine.

What I Should Have Done:

1. Get Windows 7 as a virtual machine

2. Get an NTFS-formatted external hard drive and followed PC World’s directions.

3. Depending on if Bootcamp throws up an error, uninstall it and remove all VMWare files, or proceed. Do not restart immediately.

4. Install rEFIt.

5. Restart. The rEFIt menu should come up and show your ISO partition as active. Boot from partition, and install over Bootcamp partition.

I’m not sure if this shorter method would work. For me, when I tried to boot from the ISO partition, rEFIt told me that basically, it couldn’t boot from it for some boot-related reason that I cannot remember. Still, this shorter method was a brainwave I had halfway through the WinXP installation, at which time it was too late for me to exit the installer and try.

I now have Mac OS X Tiger and Windows 7 on my MacBook. I can play games on Windows and still do my normal stuff on Mac OS. I’m loving this freedom, and the ease of installation with Windows 7 just makes it all sweeter.

Man, I feel great.

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  1. Murloc said, on August 13, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    1 word…

    Nerd :>

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