Gunnamatta Beach

Posted in Australia by Sandra on July 20, 2009
Gunamatta Beach

A Cloudy Day at Gunnamatta Beach

We went to Gunnamatta Beach on Sunday. The weather forecast was gloomy – rain was to be expected. Nonetheless, we set off at one in the afternoon, our hopes buoyed by the brightness and clarity of the skies above. It was a 78.1km drive — about 1 hour and 17 minutes, by the Eastlink from home.

On the way there, the boys were very excited… and Zac was visibly upset by the sudden long drive, quite literally. He threw up on the backseat… Thank goodness we had used an old bedsheet to cover the backseat best as we could.

Duckie and the Boys at Gunnamatta Beach

The BF and the Boys

The beach itself was hiding over a high sandy dune which separated the beach from the carpark. The sand was fine, and impossibly clean… I don’t think I saw a shred of trash on the beach. The winds were very strong (as you can see in the picture, my hair’s all over my face… Wish I had taken the time to just tie my hair up!) and the waves did what they did best: crash upon the shore and scare the wits out of the boys. There were a few people around, some with fishing rods stuck upright in the sand with fishing lines cast out.

Gunnamatta Beach

Strike a Pose, Dion!

Gunnamatta Beach

Fishing at Gunnamatta Beach

I got wet up to my knees and just decided to go into the water with one boy at a time and get them to get used to the water. In our excitement, the Boyfriend and I neglected to take pictures of Zac’s first “swim”… Argh!!! The water was freezing – I thought my blood was actually solidifying in my veins as I hopped in and out of the waves.

Then, we got the idea to use their new favourite toy (a blue rubber squeaky ball). Well, the Boyfriend did – he tossed it a good way out to the sea and I shouted at him for a good few minutes before he told me to shut up and relax because the waves will eventually bring the ball back to shore – WELL I DIDN’T KNOW THAT DID I! I grew up in Singapore! Hmph.

Dion was truly a “fail”-dog. When the tide receded, he’d venture close to the ball. Once he was just a step away from being able to stretch enough and get the ball but the wave came in then and he ran like a faildog. He jumped and tried to get away at the faintest hint of the smallest swell in the tide. It was incredible. We can’t believe we raised such a timid dog.

So much for those “big dog” howls.

Zac did far better. The only thing he recoiled from were the salty taste of the sea water for the first time or two, and actual waves that crashed on him. He wasn’t a coward at all, and he was the more “beagly” of the two in this regard – utterly focused on the task at hand.

Gunnamatta Beach

Notice the Fine Sea-spray Over the Swell?

It was a good day. :)

Sleepy Dog: Zac

Sleepy Zac

Sleepy Dog: Dion

Sleepy Dion

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  1. Skye said, on July 22, 2009 at 3:36 am

    LOL @ Thrawn’s hat.

  2. Vystique said, on July 23, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    I want password for password entry ):

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