E71 & Mac iSync

Posted in How-To by Sandra on May 27, 2009

Considering how much I’m utilizing my new shiny e71 to organize things, I decided to find out if I could sync the e71 calendar to my iCal.

First, you have to go to Nokia Europe’s iSync download page. Click the green “download” button and select your device. In this case, the e71. The site uses a scroller-style menu to display the phones.

After downloading the plugin, run iSync. (if it’s running while you installed the plugin, close and run again.)

Make sure your e71’s bluetooth is turned on, then add a new device (CMD+N) in iSync. Wait a few seconds for your e71 to get a prompt to allow your Mac to connect to it (and, obviously, allow it).

Once the synchronization has been done, the device icon and name will appear next to the default .mac connection.

You can choose to either “Merge data on computer and device” or to “Erase data on phone and sync”.

As for Contacts, I suppose you could choose to sync certain “groups” of people rather than everyone. As I don’t have anyone in groups yet, it only shows “All Contacts” for me. In “More Options”, you can sync only contacts with phone numbers – very useful if you have people with only addresses!

For Calendars, you can choose to synchronize all calendars in your iCal, or just a few. I’ve created a calendar just for the e71 so that events created on my phone will go there before I edit them into their appropriate categories. You don’t want to mess up your existing calendars! :) You can choose not to synchronize events created before, and after certain periods of time.

Now, every time you hit the Sync button, your e71 will receive a prompt to allow access to it. I suppose it is to prevent unwanted synchronizations.

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  1. Py said, on June 12, 2009 at 3:06 am

    Tsk, you geek, can you please blog something. but uhhh, this time something interesting? HEHE. and damn, your so IT-illiterate by the way. I so need help on that these days!

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