For The Toy-Catcher

Posted in Letters by Sandra on April 28, 2009

Dear Charmaine,

I’ve long heard of your prowess at catching toys out of those tricky machines at amusement centres. I am deeply in awe, and every time I see one of those token-sucking creations I think of you.

I was at Suntec City with Skyez last week. We were to have dinner with Ianz at Kuishinbo, which was right next to the arcade on the fourth level. Oh, how it blazed with glittery lights and artless lighting! The machines were lined up neatly all along the walls, with a few circular ones dominating the playing field. As the two of us walked amongst these wealthy giants of shame and doom, Skyez whispered to me that you’d told all of your Friends that were they to see a toy they liked, they could take a picture, note the location, and send the information along so that you could go forth and (attempt to) conquer the Game of Toy-catching.

Apart from the fact that I was left out of this privileged group of Friends (which I suffered well in silence), I was excited. No, I was ecstatic! We danced around the amusement arcade taking pictures of the toys we liked, and I have narrowed them down to these few:

If you could perhaps take a shot at them the next time you are in Suntec City, I would be much obliged and in your horny debt of horniness… much like those Noblegarden Festival rabbits.

Yours with much love (despite the Strong Silent Suffering),

P.S.: It would probably help your bedroom space (and finances) if you lowered the prices of the soft-toys in your shop to a more realistic amount…

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  1. skye said, on April 28, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    LOL. The stupid swim dog that got flipped onto it’s back you also post. -_-

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