Day 1 and 2

Posted in Singapore by Sandra on April 16, 2009


Well, today is my second day (2.5th to be exact) in Singapore. My body has adjusted a little better to the weather, and by that I mean I don’t perspire at night any more. During the day, however, I still get roasted in my clothes.

Day 0.5: flight to SG
(The two pictures above are flying over the a desert in the center of Australia… It isn’t soft sand we see here; it’s thick, sun-baked mud!)

Day 1
Tuesday was spent mostly with Libei. We went shopping for jeans, and came away from our 5 hour hunt at Bugis Street and Peninsula Plaza Far East Plaza with two jeans each. We got lost (looking for Bugis Street), we got tired (of walking), and we – okay, I – mixed up Far East Plaza with Peninsula Plaza for some reason. Our final stop was at a smallish shop called “Ever’ley” at Far East Plaza. The lady was very professional and even gave us tips on how to slim our thighs down (prop your legs up against a wall so your weight “shifts” up/down to your upper body instead of pooling in your legs…). When we were there, Sandy Pah was there. Libei had to alter both her jeans, one for length and the other for a smaller waist (lucky girl?), and it was $5 for each alteration… The alterations were practically invisible, and one wouldn’t have guessed it’s been altered! They were done within 30 minutes, too.

14 Scotts Road #04-129
Far East Plaza
Singapore 229213
TEL: 6738 1855
Open Daily: 1pm – 9pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays


Dinner was at Marine Parade, tom yum steamboat at Mini Steamboat!

I forgot to take pictures of food.. Ugh! It was good though, I had the beef set with golden mushrooms and fish paste. Yum yum yum!

Day 2
I was supposed to meet Peiya today for a spot of dinner this evening, but she cancelled on me because she decided to go off to Hong Kong only two days ago. Tsk, tsk! Instead, I went to Razan’s and spent 3 hours with her and even ended up cam-whoring with her… I showed her a video or two of The Murloc playing with Dion, and her painfully accurate conclusion was that our lovely Dion is a slow-response creature of great cuteness.

I would post the images of the camwhoring if she didn’t look like she just climbed out of bed. Oh wait, she did!

After that I went off and met Leo, for a bit of photography at Punggol End. It wasn’t quite the Punggol End I knew anymore…

The beach was “shortened”, so as to speak. I’m not sure if the developed land crept closer to the waters, or the water levels were raised. There was much undergrowth, huger flies, and no sand to walk on. I didn’t think it was safe/wise to rely on the rocks on the beach to get down onto the sand and back up (largely due to the heat I was melting from), and as a result I didn’t have as many pictures as I’d like to take.

I was, and still am, shocked by the drastic change in landscape of this area… It used to be so undeveloped apart from the private houses and Outward Bound school there. Leo also told me that there’s a restaurant here now, deep within the woods, where no doubt they’ve cleared out probably two-thirds of the trees just to build it.

Pictures will come in a separate entry, as I did take more than 5 pictures…

Dinner was at Bedok Blk 511 hawker centre, BBQ stingray and sa guo fan (how does one write that in Chinese…?), and now I seem to be developing a bit of a sore throat from accidentally breathing the chemical waters of the condo’s swimming pool. I’m exhausted! and so I shall roll off to bed.

I miss my boys and my murloc… /cry~

to the rest of you, good night!


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  1. anygold said, on April 16, 2009 at 3:15 pm

    HEY!!!when you free ar..go eat dinner me wor..msn me for my number can?

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