Living with the Guildmaster

Posted in The BF by Sandra on April 8, 2009

Well, not Etherealsoul of Crucial, but Thrawnmalt of Honour Guard.

I did whine and bitch (privately) that “my opinions mattered even less than those of other members because The Murloc got to hear so much of it that its worth dropped drastically.” Reverse psychology much? It also sparked the entry about me being a “snob”, if you’re curious.

Yes, I’m quite messed up.

I’m actually pretty damn proud of my Murloc. He’s a good leader, and I’m being as objective as I can. Even though I sit here and grouse about how I lose him for 3-4 hours because of the raiding, I actually listen to his raid leading, and how he handles the conflicts that arise.

He’s levelheaded and assertive, and he definitely doesn’t mind admitting that there’s room for him to make errors. He listens to the members. He sets out plans for the guild, and he discusses things freely with whoever who approaches him. I mean, good Lord, he even gives “homework” to his raiders! This week’s homework is for them to do a certain daily so they can be better at Malygos’ 3rd phase. Homework!!

His one flaw as I see it, is to try and do everything himself unless someone approaches him and volunteers help. What I don’t get is, how would the guild members even know there are tasks that need to be done/regulated by responsible, willing people in the first place since he doesn’t really tell the guild what he needs help with. @_@

When I was still playing WoW, we talked about it quite a bit during the day. We discuss the game, the people, the raids. Now, I’m kinda ambivalent to it, so we don’t talk about WoW so much. Sometimes I get a bit upset that he plays WoW as much as he does (and it’s not a lot, just 4 hours for 3-4 days a week), but I’m slowly getting over it (yes, I’m selfish).

WoW for him is his escape, truly. It lets him unwind by shifting his thoughts and focus to the game, instead of work. He explained this to me over dinner earlier, and I think I’m slowly beginning to understand. After all, this is a man whose first and last thought (or close to) are of work…

I’m really glad he has the officers in guild who can support him and help him decide and execute those decisions. Jaraxar, a DK tank whom I recruited shortly before I left the game, has stepped up to volunteer help just as The Murloc decided to ask him to be an officer. And Jaraxar, if I may say so, knows his game. I daresay he’ll take a good load of stress of The Murloc’s game… :)


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