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Posted in Quick by Sandra on April 5, 2009

The Murloc and his business partner decided on a business name change about a month ago, and since then I’ve knocked up a few logos and such for them. They’ve chosen one, and I’ve been hearing The Murloc mention the making of new business cards to reflect the change this week.

So, I decided to try my hand at making business cards.


I changed the names and details before putting these up, if you were wondering. No, I didn’t check if there’s an, so please, don’t sue me! /throws hands up in mock surrender

I did these in probably 10 minutes or so. In the end, The Murloc rejected them because while they were “cool”, they were not the industry standard landscape layout. And the details weren’t all on the same side of the card.

Yea, well… Cool as a consolation prize.

Which brings me to the topic of being the same as everyone else (business-card-wise). Just because every other technology company out there has a landscape design doesn’t mean we have to be the same, but that’s the tricky thing about being in an industry which has been around for some time and standardized some things. Like business card layouts. Well, The Murloc certainly won’t have any issue blending into the mountain of business card with a safe white background and Arial fonts!

Some business card designs inspirations that I drew from (some designs are repeated on other sources):

Dzine Blog: 36 Beautiful Business Card Designs, 27 Creative Business Cards You Should’ve Seen, 36 Cool Business Cards You Should’ve Seen

Blog Oh Blog: Inspiration : Creative Business Cards

CrazyLeaf Design: 35 cool and inspirational business card designs

1stwebdesigner: 50 Awesome And Creative Business Cards 24 Creative Business Card Designs


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