My Favourite AFL Player

Posted in Quick by Sandra on April 4, 2009

The Murloc and I watched the AFL (Carlton v. Brisbane Lions) tonight. It was my second AFL match – my first was Geelong v. Hawthorn.

For some reason I really enjoyed tonight’s match, a lot more than the Geelong-Hawthorn one. Geelong and Hawthorn are considered to be the best two teams in the league (according to The Murloc), but while there were certainly good playing in that match, it wasn’t quite as exciting because they were almost predictable – once Geelong got the ball and were able to thread it quickly through Hawthorn’s defenses, 95% of the time Geelong will score.

Unlike Carlton and Brisbane. There was a lot of fumbling and misses, but for me it only heightened the excitement. Brisbane initially got ahead with a 6-point score, but Carlton quickly caught up within the next few minutes, and that’s when I knew with my gut instincts that this would be a match I’d really appreciate. Carlton outstripped Brisbane by 40-something points by half-time, but strangely lost their confidence in the third quarter. Maybe they were slacking. Brisbane started stacking the points in the their favour, slimming the margin down to 10 points or so. In the fourth quarter, Carlton got their shit together, and the game finished 119 – 100.

It was spectacular. One player in particular caught my eye, and The Murloc got a bit upset when I said, “Helloooooo baby” when he got into the action on camera at one point. His playing was mesmerizing to watch – graceful but tough as nails at the same time. What made me appreciate it even more was The Murloc’s tidbit of knowledge that this player had been down with the flu and so didn’t train much as a result this week for the match.

His name is Chris Judd, and he also happens to be the captain of Carlton (which I didn’t know till I visited his Wikipedia page.)

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Yep. Hellooooooo baby ;)

Some time during the game he was overhead on the field saying “Excuse me, Simon” (probably from the umpire’s mic, who was near the bunch of players at that time). The commentators jumped on it, saying how polite a player he is and such. The Murloc enlightened me that Chris Judd attended an expensive private school, and was a very well-spoken gentleman.

Yum. I like a man who knows his grammar and his ABCs. That’s probably why I was attracted to The Murloc… he also has a sexy almost-British accent (that Aurorine drooled over every time she eavesdrop on him speaking in Ventrilo!).

Many also rate him as the best player in the league, according to his player info page on the Carlton FC website. Well, there you go: I have excellent taste in men, too. Beyond physical appearances. :P

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