Introducing Zac

Posted in The Dawgs by Sandra on March 27, 2009

I don’t have a good picture of him yet because Dion’s been all over him. We think Dion’s got a dog crush.

Zac is a Beagle X Kelpie that we adopted from the RSPCA (previous owners returned to Germany or something), so have a bit of imagination and try and dream up how he looks like…


Got the new pictures uploaded, so here we go.


Dion’s got a huge dog-crush on Zac – they’ve been playing/fighting for dominance like this ever since we brought Zac home about mid-day two days ago!

Zac Smiley

In this particular picture it is easy to spot the differences in facial features between Zac and Dion. I’ve put notes on the flickr page- mouseover the image here and you’ll be able to see them.

Zac Sleeping


They’ve been inseparable since then. Makes me happy – get exhausted together, fall asleep together, peace in the world yay.

As I mentioned above, they’ve been playing/fighting for dominance in their little pack. It should be about a week, but I’m rooting for Dion here even though he’s an underdog (8months old – Zac’s a year old). So far though, Zac seems to be winning. This morning Dion wouldn’t eat until Zac ate, indicating that he thought Zac’s the leader, and Zac left some of his food for Dion. Very interesting, this development. I’ll write more in another post.

We need to do some shopping to buy new collars and leads…

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