Quickie: And unshaped

Posted in Quick by Sandra on March 26, 2009

Not because our connection has done its monthly reset, but because we got a new line with iiNet. Was really surprising too, considering that:

– The guys at iiNet initially told us it’d take 15-20 days to get our new connection up and running

– Then they amended that to 3-7 days after more discussion

– And we got an SMS from them 9 hours after the application for a line that we’ve been connected.

Wow – 20 days to 9 hours. Quite a big difference don’t you think?

So I’m back now, though we still need to get our D-Link router to remember wireless settings… Don’t need others stealing our much-needed bandwidth kthx. I hope that Singapore doesn’t go for bandwidth-capped internet – people like my brother dearest (who downloads a shitload of… stuff) will be very unhappy.


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