Posted in Prose by Sandra on March 26, 2009

It’s a topic that’s been cropping up in conversations with The Murloc lately. (And also possibly caused by the book I’m currently reading – Linda Grant’s “Sexing the Millenium“.

The question is, why do some homosexuals make their sexual orientation their raison d’etre?

I don’t know any homosexuals on a friendly level (well, one, but said person is very conservative and hence not in the subcategory of people I speak of here anyway), so my conclusion here is very much one of an armchair analyst’s.

Self Esteem

Most people identify their sexual orientation in their mid-late teenage years, which are usually turbulent times for most. I think some decide that they are homosexuals, and as that becomes the only thing that is constant through the years as s/he grows and changes in every other way but their sexual preference, it becomes something of a self-esteem booster that they are reliant on. “I may not know what I am, but I know one thing for sure: I’m a homosexual, and I’m proud of it.” — so much so that they take displaying their uniqueness to an extreme.


In conservative countries like Singapore, meeting someone who declares him/herself to be a homosexual isn’t a regular occurrence. (I’m not saying that it is so in Australia, just in case, but Australia gives one the opportunity to expand mindsets with all the possibilities available here… as long as you’re in here legally.)

Now, imagine for a moment that you are a homosexual. You’re proud of it, and you think people should be more accepting of homosexuals like you. But the fact is people usually aren’t, especially the older generations. So you decide to make your sexual preference a revolutionary action. A move against the traditions which your countrymen escone themselves safely in. You want to do something, to shock people into sitting up straight instead of dozing off and listen to the world changing right before them. So you decide to make homosexuality and identity your thesis, perhaps even publish it. You create a strong bond with other homosexuals – just because you are all just a few people against the majority of “normal” (not that homosexuality is abnormal.)

I Want Some

Or perhaps one is simply so loudly homosexual because one wants to be noticed, to be talked about, and to be in/famous. And then you have a higher chance of getting some.

Note that I’ve written this when I’m 19years and some months old, on this date and day at this time.

I expect that perhaps a decade or two later I’ll come back, read this, and try to burn this post off the internet because I’ve been such a narrow-minded nutcase.


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  1. Py said, on March 26, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    You have so much time, i jealous. Anyway nice post, seeing all the efforts you made to not appear anti-homosexual hahahaha

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