Tasha & Jessie

Posted in The Dawgs by Sandra on March 21, 2009

Early in February we brought Dion to our friend’s place for a BBQ. They had dogs too – a Border Collie x Jack Russell (Tasha) and a whippet (Jessie).





While Dion was hitting on trying to get Jessie to play…

2009:02:08 13-54-24

Tasha was busy surveying her land from a variety of heights, including from my lap.

2009:02:08 13-50-20

After we gave the dogs left-over sausages from the barbecue, Dion decided to get comfy in a spot that he decreed his. No, it doesn’t matter to him that it isn’t even his house – it is HIS SPOT.

2009:02:08 13-48-51

Look at all that muscle on Jessie… (Dion still looks tougher though!!)

2009:02:08 13-00-15

Look at those floppy ears, don’t you just love them? The two were having fun because:
(A) Jessie is a whippet and whippets are just fast. She’s faster than Dion, but…
(B) Dion is a beagle and has the stubbornness/persistance/stamina to keep chasing her!

2009:02:08 12-39-19

Tasha didn’t join in the chasing, but she sure did try her best to get to food… (those bowls had chips).

2009:02:08 12-38-24

Oh, and did I mention? Dion left a not very nice present… The Murloc finally managed to get our friend to bring out a shovel so he could move the pile away…

2009:02:08 12-59-24

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