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Posted in Quick by Sandra on March 21, 2009

Are you looking for affordable little gifts/trinkets of affection for your loved ones? My friend Charmaine have exactly what you need to put a smile on their faces. Cute, lovable, hugable plushies that are readily available; waiting patiently for you to take them home. She sells and trades as well!

Charmaine, known to most at school as Charmander, has started up a blog shop selling off her many stuffed toys at Plushi-o-logy. She and her boyfriend Melvyn enjoy toy-catching from the machines one often seens outside game arcades, cinemas and family restaurants (a la Sofia). However, they’ve gotten so many plushies from their enjoyment of the game that her room is becoming very cluttered. Hence the blog shop.

They are all brand-new and kept in clean, dry, minimal-dust areas. She doesn’t cuddle them to sleep and slobber over them. She doesn’t let her dog (a beautiful Golden Retriever) use them as chew toys. And she most certainly does not massage Melvyn with them. So yes, please rest assured that the soft toys you’re looking at on her shop are very much in near-perfect condition.

Purchased items may be paid for via bank transfer, and collection via meet-ups or postage.

Here are some of the recent items she put up for sale:

Holiday Eeyore and Piglet

Item Number: #22 Price: $7 each | If bought together, $5.50 each.

Checked Bear

Item Number: #31 | Price: $4.50

Tiny Swim Dogs

Item Number: #33 | Colors: Brown (Red Float), Biege (Pink Float)
Price: $3 each | If bought together, total $5.

Actually, I really, really, REALLY like the last item, “Tiny Swim Dogs”…
Maybe I can get someone to buy them for me! /hinthinthint :P

So yea – she has LOADS more at the blogshop itself, and more details are available at Plushi-o-logy! She has left her email contact (under her profile picture) so if you’ve any questions, or maybe even requests, just email away! She’s a very nice girl, and won’t bite your head off. :)

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  1. vystique said, on March 22, 2009 at 1:15 am

    Thanks my dear for helping me advertise my blogshop! Couldn’t have done it better myself! Awesome post :D Anyway, Mel’s arguing the fact that they are swim rats not swim dogs. Also, I know a place that has them without swim floats, if you really like them we could go catch for you ((: By the way, I gave you the wrong link….blur char. that’s the right one.

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