Hail, My Name Is Dion.

Posted in The Dawgs by Sandra on March 21, 2009

2009:02:10 10-12-03

Dion the Terrorist, the Snout, the Sook, the “I’ve-Got-Big-Balls”, the Protector.

Those are but just a fraction of my many titles, bestowed upon me by my mummy and daddy. And today, we think a royal review of my royal portraits are in dire need of a good review, adding pictures from February.

2009:02:10 10-11-34

2009:02:20 12-29-03

2009:02:20 12-29-44

2009:02:23 15-14-02

2009:01:29 11-03-44

2009:01:28 22-26-14

2009:02:07 00-48-22

2009:02:06 15-43-30

Waiting for Daddy


2008:12:18 13-49-42.JPG

2008:12:11 14-46-44

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  1. Py said, on March 22, 2009 at 6:14 am

    Hello Dion! You’re so adorableeeeeeeeee :)

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