I don’t miss WoW

Posted in Games by Sandra on March 17, 2009

After that last post (“I am a Snob“), I stopped playing WoW. I just stopped.

And much to my unenthusiastic surprise, I don’t miss it at all. I think that me taking a step back and distancing myself from the game helped me realize just how much time I’ve wasted in it. I don’t think I’ll be ever getting so much into a game every again, to fritter my life away trying to get non-important loot and objectives.

However, I have not yet made my quit public to the guild. I estimate that I have about 2 weeks left of gametime. When I was still active, I’ve been recruiting for Honour Guard, and I daresay I’ve bolstered their ranks with a few good players. However, quite a few events happened in the guild and for some reason it’s affected my ability to really enjoy the game, especially my favourite part of it: chatting with friends.

Of late, I’ve been channelling my energies into learning how The Murloc’s business backend software works, and doodling up new ideas for the logo. Discovered how to really use the pen tool in Photoshop, and it has made all the difference – I’m no longer handicapped by my handicapped Wacom tablet (dog obliterated the pen, leaving a teeth-marked pitiful plastic shell)! I’ve done up a few design ideas for them, and will probably post them after The Murloc and his business partner have chosen a logo.

I also managed to hurt The Murloc’s lip when kissing him by suddenly feeling the desire to suck on his lower lip at a steady pressure over a good long 10 seconds.


Started on a Steve Jobs’ biography yesterday evening – “iCon” – written by Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon. I’m halfway through the book and thoroughly fascinated. Despite my obsession with Apple and their pretty products, I know nothing about the company. Strangely, it has also given me a sort of fuzzy courage that I can do things with my life I thought impossible. Like applying to Swinburne TAFE for a Cert IV in Business (Financial Accounting) course. Accounting!! The one subject you could always count on me to fail when I was in secondary school!!

The Murloc wants to watch more Battlestar Galactica, so I’ll just sign off here, and write more tomorrow! :)


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