Red Packets and Hot Dogs

Posted in Quick by Sandra on February 6, 2009

My mum sent me this picture of the red packets she’d received on my behalf during Chinese New Year – she’d be banking the money into my Singapore account soon. (My favourite is the matching “boy” and “girl” packets!)

I don’t really feel like I should take them because I’m not there, but it’s be plain rude to reject them in any fashion :) Still, a very pleasant surprise from home – I certainly wasn’t expecting any red packets of joy since I left the country!

I used to keep the packets even after depositing the money into my bank. It just didn’t seem right to throw them away, so I’d keep them in between books, in folders… until the next year comes around, then I toss them away – keeping the unique looking ones – to welcome the new red packets.

Hmm.. I wonder if it’d be too much to ask my mum to send me the physical packets too? :P

(Click on the image above for a slightly bigger version.)

I was uploading pictures from the camera last night when I found this little gem that I’d forgotten about. Dion was lying in his favourite position on the bed in the direct flow of cool air – he’d been sleeping there for hours, resting from the heat. I think this was last week during the heat waves that swept Melbourne.

Such a shameless little boy!

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  1. serendipity hopeful said, on February 6, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    Some of the designs on the red packets are really creative. Some are real beautiful. It is customary for red packets to be given to all those who have yet to marry. That is why you are still getting sepite you not being in your own country.

    Your ‘Doin’ sure knows how to enjoy life. Yes, the summers in Melbourne can be real terror.

    Hope you enjoy your stay there. I suppose you are there to study?

  2. Sandra said, on February 6, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    Hi Serendipity!

    Dion does know how to enjoy life; he’s become a bit of a snob even! Thankfully, the summer’s cooled down a fair bit, though we still do catch him in dodgy positions in cool corners.

    I left my country not on very good terms with my family, that’s why I was a bit surprised…

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