Heat + Glass = Art

Posted in photography, Uncategorized by Sandra on February 5, 2009

A week ago, temperatures in Melbourne soared to heights of 47°C. Even I was exasperated by the heat, not to mention The Murloc and dog!

The pictures show a glass which had cracked from the heat. In the second picture I’d upturned the baseless glass upside down to balance it on the rim. Notice the smooth edges?

The Murloc had taken it out of the cupboard and thought it was pretty hot already, but went ahead and poured cold (not iced) water into it. A tiny cracking sound was heard, and inspection of the glass was made visually.

Odd, no cracks.

So the Murloc picked it up… lo and behold, a beautiful work of art with no sharp edges.

He’s damn proud of it, and wants to display it as his masterpiece.

I’ve no further comment.

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