Summer in Australia

Posted in Australia by Sandra on January 29, 2009

The day starts early, with heat that I would be grateful for if not for the overwhelming intensity that it soaks into the house.

The portable air-conditioner struggles to cool the air, creating a ruckus as it works through the night and much of morning.

Lethargy sinks in.


The hot air is alive with the essence of summer. It comes in waves, leaves me feel like I’ve been baked in a dry sauna.

I thank some unknown entity that I have a laptop, rather than a desktop. For this week, I think I shall install myself in the lounge room, which has a normal air-conditioner. Away from the stuffy heat of the study, which worsens every time there’s more than a single person in it.

Having a cool shower this morning, I thought to myself, that I’d never taken a shower so cold before and enjoyed it… And that I’d miss this heat immensely when winter comes around.

Even putting on clothes to go out was a chore – every stitch of cloth on me felt like a soft prison, wrapping the heat thicker around me.

The sun was merciless. I came back from the beach with two distinct colours on my arms, though by now the tan’s evened out so I’m a darker Sandra.

Days end late here… about 9pm. Temperature plummet in early evening, something that the Murloc rejoices in.

Summer in Australia.

Is nothing like “Summer” in Singapore.

Thinking back now, Singapore’s summer is humid, sticky, clingy, unwelcoming. Like a suffocating blanket. It renders one slow to motivation, just like Australia’s. But a thousand times worse, because of the wetness. One perspires profusely without air-conditioning, and it’s so difficult to keep clean. Dry-clean, like how I’m used to now.

But at least Singapore’s weather was predictable, since we have a constant climate.

Australia is like a fickle mistress. She forecasts for 35*c, and when the actual day comes she decides to have a heat party at 47*c.

Dion the Terrorist’s new favourite snack are ice cubes. And sleeping is increased to as much as 85% of the day. He finds a cool spot and lies down, belly up, panting with a red tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth. When we switch air-conditioners on, he’d be sure to plonk himself down right in front of it so that he gets the direct blast of cool air.

The Murloc gets somewhat cranky, has more showers, naps more, drinks more (water).


I behave somewhat in between the behaviours of the dog and the murloc. I sleep more, station myself in front of the air-conditoner, drink more, have more showers, and my new favourite snack is cold drinks.

Wouldn’t give this up for anything.

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  1. said, on February 5, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    […] week ago, temperatures in Melbourne soared to heights of 47°C. Even I was exasperated by the heat, not to mention The Murloc and […]

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