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Posted in The BF by Sandra on January 14, 2009

As some readers of this blog may know, the Murloc is currently on a diet.

To be more specific, he’s on the Meditrim Diet – which encourages small meals throughout the day, the main course of which would usually be a diet shake made from powder.

Since he’s been on this diet (started 5th January) we eat out a lot less, but we’ve made concessions for his birthday and sometimes for his cravings.

Yesterday, I teased him about Subway when we were in the city where he had an appointment. After he finished the appointment he came to meet me at the Subway where I was just finishing up – and promptly ordered a foot-long sub for himself.

And just ten minutes earlier he got the housemate to get a family-size “Carla Special” pizza on the way. (It’s two inches or so bigger on the diameter than a “Large”).

I’m so disappointed in him, I don’t really want to talk to him – especially since he claims that I messed around with him talking about food, in spite of the fact that he started it. I don’t think I should be blamed for his own weaknesses just so that he could feel better.It’s pure bullshit.

It’s not like I didn’t try to help him by offering him compromises. Since he wanted Indian for dinner earlier, I agreed to him wanting a tandoori entree. I then said that he could also have a plain naan if he would bother to walk down to the restaurant a street away – a short walk, really – so as to “compensate” for the carbs and such he would be ingesting. He protested.

Then the housemate walked in, informed us he was going to get “real food” – aka pizza – and that’s when the Murloc made his pounce.

Really, why do I even bother trying to help him keep to his diet when he’s rejecting it outright?


Today, Jan 18, the Murloc came home from a trip to the Kmart frustrated.

He couldn’t find food that he could have for dinner – everything was too fatty or not healthy enough. His “one saving grace”, as he calls it, is crumbed fish, and he couldn’t find it because they were out of it. His frustation is so upsetting that even I felt bad about all the shit I’ve given him for breaking down now and then.

He just gets too hungry, because he’s used to so much more food and suddenly he’s down to nuts and a shake for every meal. I feel terrible for not giving him the understanding he needs…

I’m sorry big one :(

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