Posted in Thoughts by Sandra on January 6, 2009

It is within me, killing me appetite in a fashion too efficient to be something simple.

I figure it’s my visa.

My current visa lasts for a year, but for a maximum of 3 months per visit. This “trip”, my visa ends on 15 January.

We applied to have it extended online for 3 more months today, but haven’t yet have a response of any sort.

I’m nervous that they’ll reject it anyway, and then I’d have to leave Australia by then, to re-enter. I could go back to Singapore 2 weeks early with the excuse that I’m visiting for Chinese New Year, of course… but how could I leave my real family and survive for three weeks without them now?

The thought of it squeezes me tight. No Murloc. No Dion.

Three weeks.

Please grant me my visa extension… we’ll work out how to bridge that one month between April and May when we come to it…

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