Sensation White 2008

Posted in Australia by Sandra on January 4, 2009


This is a Very Long Post that you should read only if you’re Damn Bloody Bored because it contains Uselessly Detailed Commentary of my NYE.


Sensation White in Melbourne at Telstra Dome.

I’d gushed about the event in general when I got home, but I didn’t really describe it in detail. Not that anyone would’ve cared, but this is after all “my” blog, so I’d like to sketch out how my lastand first days of 2008 and 2009 respectively were spent.

31 Dec 2008

Mid-afternoon the Murloc and I left for the Miami Hotel, which is within walking distance from Telstra Dome. We’d booked two rooms for two nights three months in advance – everywhere else was fully booked – because the Murloc wisely anticipated that we’d be in no shape to head home directly after the event, and that we would’ve been out cold for half a day after the event.

About six in the evening, “Puls” came along and the three of us went off to a pub for dinner. The food was decent, and the Murloc and Puls were busy discussing logistics for the event later. Soon we got a call from “Hiho” who’d reached the place.

All very humdrum, of course, but bear with me, dear webspace.

We got back to the hotel – an utilitarian block of building which was neat and spartan – and I was introduced to three ladies looking sweet and dapper in an all-white/beige ensemble. They were also wearing heels, while I was wearing runners. I felt like a major fashion sin, but was advised otherwise because at least my feet weren’t aching.

All seven of us headed up to the rooms and organized the rooms such that one was for “passing out”, as the Murloc put nicely, and the other for “hanging out”. The Murloc’d brought his speakers, subwoofer and laptop for music, and it filled the room beautifully. I was feeling a little extremely out of place, since they were talking drugs and drinks -I’d come from a conservative upbringing and such things were “bad”. So I simply kept quiet.

And I’d probably have kept my trap shut for the rest of the evening but Hiho offered me some Jägermeister, which of course I tried. It smelt like cough syrup, and it tasted a little like syrup, but it burned in a cool way. My tongue tingled for minutes after, and I was flushed within minutes.

Soon they started taking turns going to the bathroom, and it was kindly explained to me, the clueless one, that they were taking drugs in there. I’d promised the Murloc that I’d “do a line and half a pill”, and one of the girls told me that I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to. But I did it anyway – curiosity killed the cat.

It didn’t feel like anything much – the Jägermeister was doing its magic and I could feel my blood rushing. My heartbeat resounded in my ears in waves and I became quite exhausted. This alcohol is strong stuff… Perhaps I should’ve exercised caution and not taken that second half-glass.

Soon it was time to go, and the three ladies left before us. We left quite a while later – about ten or so. The event started at nine.

I nearly didn’t get into it. The gate marshal stopped me and asked for ID, which I didn’t bring along. Hiho, who was behind me, had to convince him that I was nineteen. Then the man got a little grumpy and made me take my red scarf and yellow hoodie on, since it was a white dress code event. We eventually mollified him with the assurance that our friends had a bag that I’d leave the items with, and that I really was nineteen. We managed to get through.

And my god, the venue was enormous. Fifty thousand people – that’s four zeros my friends. Not just from Melbourne – it was like an international event, and some people even travelled just to get to it. It was a humbling, awe-inspiring sight. Everyone was dressed in white – from wearing only underwear, to bathrobes to overalls. I no longer felt conspicuous in my scandalously short, tight white dress. The mass of people meant that it was quite warm, a welcomed temperature which kept my jacket off. The fabled Tree of Oak/Tree of Love was in its full glory, centred in the stadium. The DJs would play from within the Tree, and the performers would be in the general vicinity of the trunk.

It was crowded, people pushed, shuffled, danced, wiggled, and there were empty cups littering the floor. we spent our first two hours in front of the drinks store and had our rather uneventful countdown there. For me, my true countdown would begin later, alone on the floor when I began finding my feet.

After that the hours blurred into each other. I had immense fun just bouncing around with no rhythm whatsoever, constantly having to pull my dress hem down for fear of it riding up over my ass. I met one man twice with hours between, who remarked on my happiness — “How are you so happy all the time? I want some of the stuff you’re on!!” I was simply having fun, and I guess it showed on my face as well.

I had one guy from Sydney sidle up to me and try to dance with me. His hands kept going to my hips and waist, and he drew me in close twice to go “Muah!” at my ear. I got creeped out and when the DJ’s set came to an end, I went up to the Deluxe stands to find my Murloc.

Through the night I would return to the dance floor two more times because the people on the Deluxe stands were simply… boring. They didn’t seem to feel free to dance as if they were on the dance floor, possibly because of the tables placed in the area for people to drink and such. Eventually though, I would remain in the stands because when I returned to the floor on two occasions, a guy got a photograph taken with me and I didn’t even know who it was, and then some guy tried unsuavely to pick me up by asking if I were with anyone else. With the answer that I was indeed with friends he stopped talking to me, but lingered on nearby. Weird.

And when I got back to the stands, the Murloc nicked my g-string from me.

I met two very wonderful couples after – the first of whom got me to dance with them. The man took my hands and placed it on his girlfriend’s ass, and in hindsight it was all rather amusing. The second couple were less superficial fun – the lady tried to teach me how to dance in a Latin fashion – on my toes, back straight, hips moving in a figure eight and shoulders not moving so much. Suffice to say that she failed that night since I was getting tired, but I find myself swaying on my toes every now and then since then.

The Murloc insists that countless people had perved on me that night, though of course I disagree heartily. After all, I am just an Asian girl with a conventional Asian upbringing with no sense of rhythm.

But that night… I had so much fun, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. My first hardcore party ever!

About five in the morning I sorta shrivelled up and came down from the drugs and drinks I took. I was cold, tired, and without my g-string still. The party would be ending in an hour, and local deejay Tydi was on. He was very good, I remember thinking through my haze. I think I preferred him to Marco V – who became impressive only in his second half. And of course Fedde le Grand – he was great, though not as impressive as the Murloc had made him out to be before. There were smallish fireworks and spouts of flame, and at six, a sonorous voice came over the microphone and intoned, “Sensation… ends… now.”

Everything went off for a few minutes, and then some music came back on along with the lights. People began streaming out of the stadium, and we decided to move off too. The sun was up already, filtering in with a cheeriness that I did not feel because of the bitter cold. As we trundled through the sidewalks of central-north Melbourne exhausted, I noted that my muscles were aching, I was covered in a film of grime thanks to my nonstop dancing, and my god, was I glad that I wore runners.

Thank you, Murloc, for advising me against wearing any other form of footwear.

The Murloc and Hiho still had the energy to discuss the deejays. I weren’t. The moment I got to the rooms, I hit the bed for ten minutes, then got up and had a shower. I was amazed that I was still conscious and, interestingly enough, concerned about my hygiene enough to bother getting out of bed.

After getting between warm sheets and dozing off, I vaguely remember the Murloc entering the room and having a shower himself. I got up at one in the afternoon the next day, and started reading. He woke up a few hours later and said he had a headache, so on went the dress and runners, and I was out looking for medication. Once he took the meds, he was out again till seven in the evening, when we and Hiho got up, had dinner at a cafe that was open in a street of closed shops, and headed home.

My scatteredness, as the Murloc calls it, didn’t kick in till the second day after the event… I swear to god I might seriously consider never taking drugs again if the aftermath was so bad, but I couldn’t decide if it was the drugs or the early morning walk that caused my severe cold and drowsiness. Who knows, eh?

In a final note of Victory, the Murloc had to rest for twenty-one hours runnning just to get his energy back! :)

My new year’s was great. It was amazing. I feel like I’m getting my youth back (since I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ve aged mentally decades in advance)!!


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  1. Trisha said, on January 6, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    I think i gonna have to have a word to Murloc, getting you to take things he is baaadddd

    But yeah hardcore parties are fun arent they, dancing around, seeing other people doing these weird dances as they are off their faces.

    It surprising though to find out how many muscles you have in your body after you been to a dance party they all seem to show themselves at once, last time i went to a dance party my legs where sore for a week, sitting down and getting back up was great fun

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