First Times

Posted in Quick by Sandra on December 31, 2008

20:45 – 1st half, blue pill. It is supposedly “weaker” than the green one.

22:25 – 2nd half, green pill.

00:00 – Research on Finally found some info about green pill. First comment there says “These are fakes.”

00:30 – Still waiting for peak…

01:00 – Feeling a little light-headed and a general sense of zen. Omm…

01:14 – Rather chatty on PMAC channel ingame.

01:20 – Just finished listening to Shpongle album with Thrawn. Loved “Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.”

01:46 – Still feeling good. Not peaking, but good. I wonder when we’ll sleep. I need to shower. :<

01:53 – Joined a session of SotA and was killed in my Gnomish form in 2 seconds :/

01:59 – Tummy queasy…

02:00 – christ it’s 2am…

02:09 – WoW went down for rolling restarts, wonder if I’ll bother to log back on. Fall Out Boy’s new album is really good!

02:15 – Shower, sleep…

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