An Overdue Update On Many Things

Posted in The BF by Sandra on November 22, 2008

I promised Trish yesternight that I would update my blog, and it turns out that my game-time expired just a few hours ago… Convenient coincidence hey?

People always ask me what I’m doing in Australia and it’s difficult for me to swallow my pride and explain that I’ve been cleaning, reading, cooking and gaming, apart from the school-related stuff I’ve had to get on to. To me it’s as if I’m lowering myself to be a hausfrau, or a house-“wife” because I’m not studying nor working yet. Yes, I’m a prideful one. :P

World of Warcraft Update

The Wrath of the Lich King expansion for the World of Warcraft came out on Nov. 13, but I didn’t get the game till the 14th or 15th. Since then I’ve ventured into Northrend and respecced for DPS as a Doomkin, and I must admit that Northrend is a real piece of art. It’s so beautiful, and the Outlands seem drab compared to the icy slopes and forbidding temples of Northrend. The Murloc and I have been levelling together, and we’re Level 73 now – finished quests in the Howling Fjord and are now in the Borean Tundra. It’s a lot of fun levelling together with my partner – something I’ve never managed to convince Zioncross to do with me…

Dion Update

On the RL front, Dion has been learning to sit on command quite effectively now, and we let him nap with us yesterday. The little guy and the Murloc both snored, but Dion’s snore was a lot louder! Shocking, for a (relatively) small dog…

For some reason, he really likes sleeping on his back…

Dion - Sleep

But he’s a good growing boy – look at those chompers!

Dion - Chompers

Some days when The Murloc has to go out for work, Dion jumps on to his leather chair and sleeps in it. It’s no mean feat because that chair is set twice his height!

Dion - Missing Daddy

We got him a huge bone the other day (with bits of meat still on it) and he was having an absolute ball with it! He got very protective of said bone – when flies landed on the bone, Dion would stop eating and pounce on the fly trying to shoo it away. It was absolutely hilarious, he was all “HEY! MY BONEEEE!!!!”

Dion - Bone 1

Dion - Bone 2

Dion - Bone 3

I know.

I sound like an over-excited mother with her first child, constantly amazed with the things it did. :S

The Murloc Update

I’m not sure what I should say about the Murloc. Suffice to say his antics have greatly worsened since he brought the murloc home from collecting his pre-ordered WoW expansion.

“They let me have it for $10 cheaper!! – check this out! *squeezes the soft toy’s mouth* — MRRRGLGGLGLGLGLGL (from the soft toy)!!!”

Jesus Christ on a Corncob…

Murloc - Discovery

Murloc - Rawr!

Murloc - Texture

And by “worsening antics”, I’m sure the next two pictures will have you, dear friend, nodding in fervent agreement that my man has gone kooky. But first, an explanation…

We have been watching Season 1 of the TV series “Medium” – which is very good imho, enjoying it a lot – and the main character “Allison Dubois” has 3 daughters. The middle one, name Bridgette Dubois, is approx. 8 years old… aka Age of Random Fascinations. In one particular episode she confounds her aerospace engineer father by refusing to take off her new shiny red helmet for almost 3 days straight – not even for sleep – with the proclamation that she likes it and wants to wear it forever.

So I come into the study after a spot of reading in the lounge room and this is what I see:

Helmet - WTF?!

Extremely WTF.

Murloc - Helmetized

He then continues to wear the helmet for a few more hours before I take it off him.


Schooling Matters

Definitely not looking forward to paying 6.3k to the school for them to release my transcript… It seems rather fucked up too that I have to pay the full amount despite not having taken any exams, and attended that semester for only 1/3 of its duration at most.

Aussie TAFE-wise, I’m going to enroll in a Cert IV in Nursing, which will see me as a Div 2 nurse when I graduate a year later. The only obstacle atm is that I need to take an English Language test (“IELTS”) and score at least a Band 6 in its Academic Version. The exam is on 29th November, and it takes about 2 weeks for results to be released.

My current visa ends in mid-Dec, so I will have to apply for a visa extension for a few weeks to make sure the change to a student visa would be smooth and not render me an illegal overstayer in the process…

Finances are tight at the moment, but we’ll get through…

Other News
I went down to Sydney for a bit to visit my mother, who was there on business. That’s worth another entry though!


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  1. Trisha said, on November 22, 2008 at 11:18 am

    Ty little miss

    That is so funny with Murloc wearing the hat, such a lazy bugger

  2. vystique said, on November 24, 2008 at 5:44 am

    Lol @ Thrawn. Some of the antics guys come up with. I got my hands full with Mel. He constantly goes Mrrmglllrrr in WoW so randomly and abruptly stunning everyone. Even Ian comes up with a ….. In any case, you’re right the murloc looks hideous, (Not you, Thrawn) so unlike the picture in the brochure! *sob Anyway, thanks for your comments on my entry. I love comments! Also, if there are any types of books in the particular genre I read that you would like just ask, I’ll give you titles, sigh no time for WoW )=

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