Melbourne Dance

Posted in Australia by Sandra on November 5, 2008

On Monday night, after the Black Temple raid with Old Guard (they got Illidan down at last), The Murloc brought me out to a trance club in Melbourne. It was cold out, and we got there about midnight or so. I didn’t bring my ID, but The Murloc knew the owner of the club so the bouncer (are they called bouncers there, or doormen, or guards or… hm?) let me in.

It’s a pretty small club, size-wise, about the size of a 2 bedroom HDB flat in Singapore, I’d wager. The smaller room is what you got to once you’ve descended the flight of stairs, and it was the dance floor, basically. The stairs led you to the back of the room and the DJ was upfront. There was the standard smoke machine making the place all misty too. The bigger room was more spacious with couches and booth-style seats.

I felt absolutely out of my element, but it was rather amusing and entrancing to watch the clubbers dance. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s very energetic, sharp, and hard-hitting. The one time I stayed late enough in Zouk for people to actually hop on the dance floor, people were mostly bouncing on the spot in their own place. Here in Melbourne, the dancers seemed to move as a single entity. Their moves were similar en masse, but with so many differences you could tell it’s not the same one, but probably with the same simple basic steps. Everyone was interacting, whether it’s by moving to make space while still dancing, or turning to engage a friend in a duo.

It was very fascinating, and I’m rather envious of them. I can’t move my body like theirs – I’m more of a slow and lazy girl. But the “fashion” that’s there, my god. There were these “X”-shaped belt-things that people wore clipped to the back of their pants. A girl turned up in big furry boots and a Spongebob Squarepants bag, cap on head and lollipop in mouth. Most of the guys wore “phat pants” like this:

The website from which I unceremoniously took the picture from, “” has a specific entry on the dance style, apparently called “The Melbourne Shuffle“. Which makes sense – these clubbers were so smooth on the dance floor, like they’re gliding. I remember telling the Murloc they look like tap-dancers or something because of it.

The DJ that was on rotation when we got in was, unfortunately, rather boring. Within 45 minutes I was asking The Murloc what time it was… That DJ was playing sound. There were the loud and hard beats that the crowd loved because of the tempo, but otherwise I was close to falling asleep by the time the next DJ got on.

The new DJ was pretty good, way better than the previous. He was a DJ from Sydney, and I thought his second track was excellent – it suited my music preferences, I guess, but was trancified. The crowd was rather energized by his appearance, I’d say. We still left before his rotation was finished though, it was closer to 3am and we were both tired.

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  1. Trisha said, on November 6, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    What you need to do is get some glow sticks, and if you wanna go crazy you take the glow stuff out and put it in your hair so you will be glowing everywhere

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