Illidion the Snout (Part 1/2)

Posted in The Dawgs by Sandra on October 31, 2008

This is Dion, full name Illidion Stormrage. Today we will have an entry exploring what it is about the Terorrist that we love. (Of course, our next entry on Dion will be one on how he enrages us.)


He can be quite the charmer.


And this is his usually wet (and hence cold) nose. The Murloc and I have a running joke about how his body exists to drag his nose around, and The Murloc has already christened him Illidion “Snout” Stormrage.


Also, meet his floppy ears. The Murloc likes to hold them up (a la Dumbo the Flying Elephant) and present to us “Dion the Flying Nun”! Which, of course, has raised discussions about how that might lead to him being confused about his sexuality. (However, we did catch him humping The Murloc’s leg when he (Murloc) was hugging me so…) His floppy ears are extremely adorable, especially when he’s running around. Flop flop flop!

Floppy Ears

This is one of his hindpaws. With The Murloc nuzzling and tickling his snout in the background. I don’t have much love for his paws – I just liked the perspective of this one. But there’s definitely puppy love going on between The Murloc and Illidion…

Puppy Love

Finally, this is us sleeping squeezed together on the long leather couch. Was cold, he was warm, end of story. Picture sneakily taken by The Murloc.

Sleeping Together

He can be a lot of trouble, but as The Murloc said, “My life could be a lot easier without him, but I don’t regret my decision (to bring him home).”

(Sadly, we never quite feel that whenever we sight a pile of stinking puppy poo in the house, or a pee puddle… We make bad puppy owners. I mean, we play WoW at night and for the most part the man in the house don’t give a damn about him then! But this is a story for another entry…)

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  1. vystique said, on November 3, 2008 at 9:03 am

    Aww… he (Dion, not Murloc) looks so cute! I’m so gonna steal that picture of you 2 snuggling up on the couch! =S

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