You and I

Posted in Letters (Old) by Sandra on October 14, 2008

Well, it is the last night before I leave, and you are outside with your friend – the one friend who’s in her thirties, and can’t stop talking in the style of a kid, perpetually trying to “act cute”, as we call it. Oh, I’ve never told you I really disliked her, even more so after that trip to Hong Kong? Well, now I’m “telling” you.

I’d passed on sleeping over at a friend’s place because I thought, why aggravate the hurt I’ve done to you? I’ll spend the last night home with you, sharing ice cream.

But nooooo, she’s over, she’s been here for coming to two hours and you’re not making any effort to ask her to leave. I’m not sure if I should be thankful for this quiet time… though “quiet” is relative – you and her were squealing and giggling like secondary school girls over the sporty Wii games earlier, and I nearly wanted to just get out of the house. But no, that would reflect badly on you. So I stay.

I stay, clothes half packed – really just need to repack the luggage after having to rummage through it earlier – and update WoW, of all things.

You’d think, it’s my last night here, you’d finally make the effort to spend some time with me before I pass out on the bed, wake up earlier than you tomorrow, and you never see me again (well, at least not for a year).

To each to her own I guess. This might be your way of coping.

Me? I can’t wait to get out and make my mistakes.


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