bootcamp perils

Posted in Computers by Sandra on October 10, 2008

11:30 pm — decide to reinstall Mac OS X after error while playing WoW (screen froze while I was in AB with Varches, on ventrilo).

11:35 pm — repartitioned Mac and Bootcamp partitions as a single whole

11:40 — run first aid on new partition.

11:41 — get errors for every level.

11:45 — sit, stunned, and then curse.

11:49 — remember that windows recovery CD is available to me. get it.

11:52 — enter recovery console, delete partition. don’t trust M$ to do me a nice friendly partition.

11:55 — use Mac OS installation disks to partition as GUID. Run first aid. All seems fine.

12:02 — installing various files now for Mac OS. This is going well. May not need to fork out cash for new harddrive. Lessened panic.

of course, remember that in the midst of all this I was having trouble getting the machine to recognize my CD. Persistence, promises, and sweet-talking helped me.

will write more detailed entry tmr when i get back on normal macbook.


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