The Beagle (Tentatively) Named Illidan Stormrage

Posted in Conversations by Sandra on October 5, 2008

The Murloc fell in love with a 9 week old beagle and bought him on the spot. He’s very adorable, pictures soon from his iPhone. If not, just 9 more days and I’d be face to face with the little monster. For some reason, the name “Illidan” stuck.

And Aurorine, being my very good friend, tried to advise me against it.

Aurorine : i wanted to say that this is retarded but
Aurorine : ian wanted a dog named illidan as well

Sandra : oh my god.

Aurorine : wtf is with men and stupid dogs with boss names

Sandra : Our boyfriends are addicts.
Sandra : I’m more inclined towards Kil’jaedan.

Aurorine : thats stupid
Aurorine : lol

Sandra : LOL
Sandra : what would you call your dog
Sandra : “aurorine”?

Aurorine : after telling him thrawn wanted to name his dog illidan
Aurorine : he went
Aurorine : “eh then we call kael’thas la”
Aurorine : me: ………

Sandra : … HAHAHAHAH

Aurorine : … duh
Aurorine : what a mouthful
Aurorine : then the dog’s pet name is what?
Aurorine : illy?

Sandra : …
Sandra : ILLI

Aurorine : ………
Aurorine : dog will hate you
Aurorine : will look mournful all day long

Sandra : HEE HEE
Sandra : well help us think of a less corny name!
Sandra : I actually want Mal’furion!!!!

Aurorine : …….
Aurorine : ure the biggest geek

Sandra : … I am NOT.
Sandra : HE’S HAWT OK

Aurorine : ure obsessed with the twins
Aurorine : call the dog something conventional please
Aurorine : let it have a normal life!

Sandra : we already got the dog

Aurorine : yeah
Aurorine : itd be ruined for life and mocked at by other dogs
Aurorine : if you call him “illy”

Sandra : no we’ll call him ILLIDAN
Sandra : what’s his title ah

Aurorine : ……..
Aurorine : errr, lord stormrage?

Sandra : yea

Aurorine : …..
Aurorine : dog might kill himself

Sandra : LOL
Sandra : the damn dog won’t know

Aurorine : he would

Sandra : yea like we’d show him pictures of Illidan
Sandra : “that’s what you’re named after boy”

Aurorine : and it has “three” names
Aurorine : everytime he heard lord or you screaming illidan in a raid, or calling malfurion STORMRAGE
Aurorine : he would respond and come bounding over
Aurorine : upon realising you weren’t really calling him


Aurorine : then he would get fed up


Aurorine : and kill himself.

Sandra : OH MY GOD
Sandra : such a good point
Sandra : aiyo, tummy pain

Aurorine : ….
Aurorine : or he would just ignore you and grow despondent and fat

Sandra : …

Aurorine : and wonder why its owners are so cruel as to call parts of his name

Sandra : …

Aurorine : but do not actually want him there
Aurorine : raid : “shoo go away dog”

Sandra : …

Aurorine : cos you’d be keyboard mashing
Aurorine : dog would be emo

Sandra : …

Aurorine : … and kill itself.

Sandra : skye

Aurorine : therefore

Sandra : you’re exaggerating this

Aurorine : call him another name

Sandra : … why don’t you dissuade Ianz first!!!

Aurorine : whoever said i was going to agree to my dog being called illidan
Aurorine : that is ridiculous

Sandra : LOL

Aurorine : if he named my cat kaelthas
Aurorine : i’d get the cat to scratch him

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  1. Trisha said, on October 6, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    Poor Doggy

    I can imagine you taking the dog to the vet, ok whats the dogs name Illidan (add either yours or thrawns last name)

    Walking in the park hey Illidan or Illy where are you, come back here right now!!! nerd alert hehehe

  2. Vystique said, on October 15, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Your conversation with Skye is retarded! Poor doggie, Illidion Stormrage. Sighs. I shudder to think about the implications on his little mental health )=

    Meh. lol.

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