Fridge Magnet Thoughts

Posted in Thoughts by Sandra on October 4, 2008

When my family moved into Sengkang, I was 12. Sec 1. I think my mum went travelling, and she brought back those round fridge magnets you see in the image.

(From top) “Happiness”, “Good Luck”, “Mind”, “Win”, “Dream”.

At 12, those were what I decided to be the factors needed for a good life, in order of diminishing importance, top-down.

I remember wanting to rearrange them, a few years ago. Can’t remember if it was to rearrange the order in accordance to my adjusting values, or to straighten it. I couldn’t, anyway, because it was stuck fast to the fridge.

This morning I was in the kitchen eating a slice of chocolate cake my mum bought for me last night. And I was reflecting on what’s going to happen (I haven’t thought much about what to do after I get to Aus, actually). The magnets caught my eye again.

If I could rearrange them all, it’d probably go like this –“Dream”, “Good Luck”, “Mind”, “Happiness,” “Win”. Indeed, I’m not much of a “Want to Win Everything” person…

What about you? How would you arrange them, in order of importance?


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  1. Trisha said, on October 4, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    I would go with Happiness, Mind, Dream, Win,and Good Luck

    Happiness, cause if you have happiness all the others follow,
    Mind, to be able to think and be clever
    Dream, you can be who you want to be
    Win, to me is like a dream and life in itself, doing something you like to do is a win
    Good Luck, you can make your own

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