The Lesser of Two Evils

Posted in Games by Sandra on October 3, 2008

After looking at my last (angry) post, I decided that I should write something else.

So I thought long and hard about new happy happenings in my life that I could write about.

I really did.

Girl Scouts’ Honour. ::places fist over her heart:: (Not that I ever was a girl scout, but it’s the thought that counts!)

But right now I can only think of two things that are vivid in my memory.

a) Raiding with The World’s Worst Druid (TWWD)

b) Crucial’s new guild website.

Of the two, Option B is the lesser evil, so let’s go for that. I’m sure the Murloc would ban me from WoW entirely if he realizes that I’ve been so incensed so as to write about TWWD here. I imagine the conversation’d go something like this:

Murloc: Kitten?

Sandra: Yes big one? :D

Murloc: Remember what I said last night about how you raiding with TWWD puts you in a bad place emotionally, because you end up in the foulest mood ever possible for a kitten after the raid?

Sandra: Uh… yeah?

Murloc: So, I read your blog.

Sandra: Um.

Murloc: We are never going to mention TWWD’s name, ever again. You’ve written yourself into a frenzied mess of Angry Tree Leaves.

Sandra: Does that mean we call him “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”? :D Because he’s such a major-

Murloc: Kitten. (in stern daddy voice)

Sandra: (ignores) – fuckhead! The world needs to know about his worthlessness before the younger druids start emulating him!!

Defender of the young, that’s me. Yeeep.

So yea, let’s talk about the guild website instead.

(deep breath)

I’ve put in hours upon hours of work into the new website for Crucial. It hasn’t gone live yet, because I want things to be ready for instant usage at least. I’ve gotten the appropriate modules, prettied up the site, actually written a few articles to start things off.

I’ve contended with errors, swore at Joomla v1.5, tussled with my one and only database, spent some lovin’ time with images and banners, sometimes ignoring not really hearing what my Murloc was saying because in that moment, the website is my boyfriend. I’ve got to give it my full attention. It’s my baby!

What? No, of course not, I’m not a geek nor a nerd! /indignant much, thank you.

As I was saying.

Now imagine that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction spreading over oneself having made a new site. Everything seemed to be perfect (mostly). So you invite a few people to have an honourary sneak peek at the website.

All seems well.

Until one of them informs you that the header’s a bit boring – just the words “<insert words here>” against a huge gray block.

Gray block? Are you telling me you cannot see the beautiful background I’ve put there?
!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD SEND ME A SCREENSHOT!!!!!1!1!1

That, basically, is my Number One Issue right now. I can view it fine on Safari and Opera, but Firefox Windows users can’t see the image(s). I’m distraught. I’m shattered. I’m… crumbling in despair.

You have no idea how much it hurts my wee kitteny heart. :< /sniff.

Speaking of which, I’ve just gotten a little Eureka! spark. Shall go test out my idea and see if it helps the images appear to them lousy Windows people!!

UPDATE: 30min later, and I’ve got the image fixed! Now, to wait for my Windows-using bethren to get online…


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