Dear Ex

Posted in Letters (Old) by Sandra on October 2, 2008

Dear Ex,

Over the past two weeks as I packed and prepared for Australia, I gathered up all the letters I’d written to you, to Yuri and to Eva. Brought back memories, but they are memories after all.

Last night, I “poked” you on Facebook.

This morning, I received a poke back, and a message on my wall stating “burn the bridge”. When I clicked on your profile, to write a response on your wall, I found out that I was no longer allowed to view your profile because I wasn’t a friend.

If you happen to be reading this, please read the next line very carefully.

Fuck you, fuck off.

Thanks for the memories, they were great. I still think about you, still wonder about how you are, remember how you didn’t want to burn the bridge. And here you are burning them the first chance you have. Well sod it, you want me as your friend, fine. You have proven by your actions that you don’t deserve anything but a knee in the groin from me anyway.

I wish I could say I don’t care anymore, but that would be a lie. I could tell you to go fuck yourself, go waste your life and end up with someone from your country and culture, I could tell you to go do a million things that you would do anyway because you don’t plan ahead, but at the end of the day I will still hope that you’ve got your act together and made a better life for youself, got a nice girl who’d do whatever you want her to, unlike me.

I’m angry. I’m infuriated. You didn’t want to burn the bridge, I didn’t either. I thought I should give you space, and you come back and burn it before I could say anything else. You contradict yourself. Our relationship started like a fairytale and I should’ve known before a year was over that it’d end anyway – then I could end it on a far better note. Unlike what you did.

I loved you, and I love you as a friend. but for now, fuck off. I really don’t need this shit from you. Thinking back now on all the rollercoasters you put me on, it just confirms the thought that I’m better off without you.

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