Friends for Entertainment

Posted in Conversations by Sandra on September 14, 2008

The night before Lab #2 Assignment for Contemporary Nutrition (NTR 109) was due.

This particular assignment required us to play for an entire day’s worth of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from products at 3 different places – a health food store, vending machines and a convenience store.

Aurorine: i don’t feel like doing nutri.
Aurorine: sigh

Sandra: did you even look at it?
Sandra: the pits
Sandra: vending machine where?!

Aurorine: what vending machine where?
Aurorine: yeah i did.. sigh
Aurorine: i don’t feel like doing

Sandra: eh lemme see ._.
Sandra: i need vending machine

Aurorine: what vending machine?

Sandra: ….
Sandra: NTR right?

Aurorine: oh.
Aurorine: i keep thinking of blazestorm (*PMAC member, see link)
Aurorine: blazestorm
Aurorine: -_-

Sandra: LOL
Sandra: SO EVIL

Aurorine: … =(
Aurorine: but its really the first thing that pops to mind

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