Things I Do Mentally In A Shower

Posted in Quick by Sandra on September 13, 2008

I believe that I think more in the shower than out of it.

I reflect upon yesterday’s events and my responses to it (“Maybe I should have phrased things this way…”). I remind myself of tasks for the day (“Pack, check the guild bank, hunt down food…”). I wonder what to get for breakfast (“Maybe Ya Kun toast and Mr. Bean soya milk?”). I ponder upon the contents of my first SMS of the day to The Murloc (“Would X make me sound clingy or needy? But Y seems a bit distant. Ah hell I’ll just send him S!”).

And then I remember how The Murloc looks like when he wakes up in the morning. Thankfully not like a real “murloc” at all, with horrifyingly amusing guttural war-cries. Usually slow and peaceful, much more like a lumbering Clefthoof (non-hostile) that has just awoken from its own slumber. You would hardly believe that this is the man capable of MDing onto unsuspecting healers and shrewdly saving on repair bills by FDing when a wipe is announced.

Well, at least he looks docile for about 10 seconds before… never mind, nothing you should know!

I realize I’m beginning to get extremely mushy with regards to The Murloc on a public platform. Not that he minds, apparently. But I’m not keen on having whoever else reads this blog cringe with every sentence they read.

So after that brief moment for The Murloc, my thoughts turn to more processor-intensive tasks. Like plotting for December. I’d like to call it Operation Shapeshift, will explain in due time. I mentally track the possible approaches I can take to the issue, and the many possible outcomes which may result from each approach. A mental game of chess, if you will, only much more unpredictable, without tiles of black and white to lay them out.

Then I think about the things I have to do within the month – assignments, classes, raids, helping friends, asking for favours, returning loans from friends – and calculate my remaining financial reserves. Due to bad management they’ve gotten ridiculously low, and it makes me nervous, so I’m going to refrain from going out or eating expensively.

By then I’d have gotten out of the shower, and two things remain on my mind – that SMS to The Murloc, and the goal of avoiding family members other than my brother.


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  1. corruptemotions said, on September 14, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    Renaissance festival, i know i spelt that wrong. Basically ppl that like history, the time of dragons, fools kings and queens, or ppl that just wanna have a good time, listen to bawdy jokes and eat giant (and i mean GIANT) turkey legs and drink beer from a very nicely sometimes handmade mug…..just watch out with the turkey legs, the have lots of little cartilage tendons? or are they ligaments?… doesn’t matter…. there are ALOT…

    As for the blog yeah i lost motivation? for a while, as it is only u n josh read it but i find it also helps when i just wanna get stuff out and theres noone to talk to. and about the colours… so right but sometimes you find the good honest ppl who are who they are from the beginning, and even then things can change to make someone change their minds. So u remember lah? he has kao now if hes checked his myspace mail by now. got any good nicks for me? i seem to be at a loss, plus what person gives themselves their own nick? And the whole abusive thing can come later, my friend magpie whom the last post is about found this out the hard way and she still keeps on with the slime bag rat bastard piece of shit… AND expects me to keep a civil tongue when she invites him on girls nights out -.-! But yeah i’m glad u got someone to share it all with^^ ok i’ll let u go now! Luv ya!

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